#MakeItFair: Rita Wilson, Mamie Gummer Say Men in Hollywood "Should Have It All" in Satirical Video

"Together we'll break down this wall."

Men only directed 93 percent of popular films released by major studios last year, and they only wrote 80 percent of films. The #MakeItFair project recognizes how unfair that is — to men, of course— and a host of women including Rita Wilson and Mamie Gummer banded together to film a PSA calling for Hollywood to be run entirely by men.

"We won't relent till it's 100 percent. It's only fair that men should have it all," the group sings in the satirical video.

The video was written by Patricia Noonan, Nadia Quinn and Emily Tarver and directed by Adrienne Campbel-Holt. The film quotes statistics about gender equality in film based on research done by the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media.

The women yearn for the perfect world in which men get to have everything. After all, men only have 70 percent of speaking roles in movies and don't fully control the government. Tragic.