Maker Studios Launch Comedy Series With Studio 2.0, 'Friends' Exec Producers (Video)

Robin Banks and the Bank Robbers - H 2014

Robin Banks and the Bank Robbers - H 2014

The original web series, "Robin Banks and the Bank Roberts," hails from Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen, and stars Michael Mosley, Tony Cavalero and Josh Zuckerman.

Maker Studios has partnered with Studio 2.0, a division of the Warner Bros. Television Group, to launch comedy series Robin Banks and the Bank Roberts on YouTube comedy channel Nacho Punch.

The heist comedy was created and written by Friends alums Andrew Reich and Ted Cohen. It stars Michael Mosley (Sirens), Tony Cavalero (Aim High) and Josh Zuckerman (90210) as a trio of bumbling bank robbers.

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"It’s the most juvenile and idiotic thing we've ever done, and we are very proud to share it with the world," Reich and Cohen joked in a statement. "Unfortunately, we only have a dial-up modem and a CompuServe account, so we won’t be able to watch, but we hope other people enjoy it."

The first of 10 episodes, which run three to five minutes, debuted Jan. 15 on Nacho Punch. Additional episodes will become available every Wednesday through Mar. 19. Maker said that the series will become available on additional unnamed distribution platforms in February.

Andy Vick, GM comedy for Maker, tells The Hollywood Reporter that Reich and Cohen's brand of comedy fits well on Nacho Punch. 

"What got us excited about Andrew and Ted was working with people from the other side of the tracks, and to be able to give them the creative freedom that they were looking for," he says. "That creative freedom aligned with what we were doing in comedy. Their voice is something that's going to be well received."

Maker revived comedy hub The Station in December and rebranded it Nacho Punch. The channel features a number of YouTube comedians in skits, sketches, pranks and other comedy series.  

The company has been focused on boosting its comedy original content. It recently partnered with Red Hour Digital to produce the second season of comedy series Next Time on Lonny and teamed up with international comedy festival Just For Laughs to expand the event’s online video presence.

Adds Vick of Maker's recent partnerships, "What we're doing in comedy is sort of a blend. Mixing those waters is something that we're very well positioned to execute on."

Watch the first episode below: