Maker Studios Partners With ‘Jackass’ Star Steve-O

Courtesy of Maker Studios

Maker will manage the comedian and prankster's YouTube channel and help develop original programming.

Maker Studios is continuing to expand its roster of celebrity talent with a deal to manage the YouTube channel of Jackass comedian Steve-O.

The digital media firm also will work with Steve-O to develop original programming featuring pranks and stunts and will help the TV personality land branded content deals.

“I have a gnarly list of ideas and plenty of crazy left in me and it’s going to show in my channel,” Steve-O said. “People have high expectations and partnering with Maker will bring fresh content to my channel and it will hopefully push me to go to a place I haven’t been. The possibilities are endless and I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

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Steve-O, who launched his YouTube channel in late 2013, is nearing two million subscribers on the platform, which features competitions with rapper 50 Cent and videos of Jackass-style pranks.

“Steve-O is a hilarious veteran in the prank space and it is no surprise that he’s created a successful online presence and following within just months,” said Chris Williams, Maker’s chief audience officer. “Maker already works with popular talent in the prank space such as Magic of Rahat and Just for Laughs. This partnership with Steve-O is another great opportunity to collaborate on entertaining videos fueling his growing success.”

Maker has created a multichannel YouTube network with 350 million subscribers and works with several popular YouTube channels and content creators, including PewDiePie and Toby Turner.

The Culver City firm has made an effort to diversify outside of YouTube and build its roster of celebrity partnerships. The company announced Jan. 29 that it would help launch a YouTube channel for Black Eyed Peas breakout