Maker Studios Partners With Just for Laughs

Maker will help Just for Laughs expand its presence on the web.

Maker Studios is partnering with Just for Laughs, an annual comedy festival and brand, to expand its online presence.

With the new pact, Maker will work with Just for Laughs to manage its YouTube channel, Just for Laughs Gags, which features hidden-camera prank videos. Maker will also create a new YouTube destination featuring the brand's original stand-up content from more than 30 years of festivals. The company will also create a Just for Laughs website.

Additionally, Maker and Just for Laughs will develop comedy shows at the annual July festival, where talent from Maker will be featured.

“Comedy is one of our key verticals, and this partnership will allow us to bring Just for Laughs’ hilarious content to a global audience of online viewers, and work together to create opportunities for the next generation of comedians to develop original programming at the annual festival," said Chris M. Williams, chief audience officer at Maker Studios.

Andy Nulman, veteran of Just for Laughs' digital initiatives, revealed the company's three goals: “The first is to take something that’s already working extraordinarily well -- the Gags channel -- and pump it up to its pinnacle. The second is to find the secret formula to convert our immense catalog of stand-up comedy into a distinct product that will captivate the digital fan. The third is to leverage the power of our annual festival to create new collaborations and unique original content. That said … let’s get to work!”

Just for Laughs Group was founded in 1983 with its first comedy festival in Montreal. It welcomes nearly two million festivalgoers each summer.

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