Maker Studio's PewDiePie Grossed $4 Million in 2013

Felix Kjellberg(@pewdiepie)/Twitter

The gamer, managed by Maker Studios, has more than 27 million subscribers on YouTube.

One of YouTube's most popular creators generated a star-sized $4 million in advertising sales in 2013 on the streaming video platform.

PewDiePie, a 24-year-old Swedish gamer whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, told the The Wall Street Journal that most of his multimillion-dollar revenue is pure profit, though he does give a cut to Culver City manager Maker Studios, which was recently acquired by Disney for up to $950 million. It's unclear the size of YouTube's revenue share with Kjellberg, but the Google-owned streaming service typically takes about 45 percent of advertising revenue generated on its site. 

Kjellberg first rose to YouTube fame five years ago when he began posting videos of himself, under the PewDiePie alias, playing games. He now has more than 27 million subscribers who tune in to hear him make strange noises and swear as he plays out of his London apartment.  

According to the report, Kjellberg has become such an influential gamer that even a negative review of the mobile game Flappy Bird helped turn the obscure title into a best-seller.