Maker Studios Plans Marvel, Lucasfilm Series for Verizon's Go90

Courtesy of Verizon

The new shows from the Disney-owned YouTube network will stream exclusively on go90's mobile app.

Maker Studios plans to bring a number of originals series to Verizon's new go90 mobile video service. 

The Disney-owned YouTube network announced Thursday a deal that will make go90 the exclusive home to eight new series, including cross-country adventure Geekenders, starring gamers Jesse Cox and Brooke Lawson, on a road trip to popular U.S. tourist stops. Other originals planned for go90 include Marvel's Off the Rack, where stars experience the latest Marvel stories through discussions and reenactments, and In A Galaxy, which will look at the lives of 22 Star Wars super fans. 

"Maker is committed to expanding our premium programming offering and finding audiences wherever they consume content," said Sam Wick, exec vp business development and operations at Maker. "With the wide range of programming being shared on the go90 platform, there's something for everyone to enjoy." 

The deal also gives go90 the rights to license thousands of shortform Maker videos and more than 100 hours of live Maker event coverage. 

"Creative and compelling content creators like Maker continue to seek go90 as the leading platform to bring millennials and younger generations exclusive, live and on-demand content in ways that they prefer — and that's mobile first," said Terry Denson, Verizon content acquisition and strategy vp. "Through our commitment with innovative content partners like Maker, go90 is pairing rich exclusive content with a new emerging video viewing experience." 

Verizon launched go90 on Oct. 1 with exclusive programming from AwesomenessTV and Michelle Phan's Icon Network. The free, ad-supported mobile app also features licensed content from Comedy Central and the NFL and will feature live sports and concerts.

Here are the shows that Maker will stream on go90:

Marvel’s Off The Rack
Dive into the world of Marvel Comics with both traditional and digital stars as they experience some of the latest Marvel stories through discussions and re-enactments with special cameos from Marvel creators themselves.
In A Galaxy
A collaboration with Warrior Poets and Lucasfilm, take a look inside the lives of 22 Star Wars super fans, from their personal to professional and everything-in-between lives, see how “the force” is part of the lifeblood of those that live and breathe Star Wars every day.
Defining Beauty (Season 2)
Back for a second season exclusively on go90, this time, four African-American beauty influencers examine how society defines beauty and what it really means to be beautiful. Shameless Maya, SimplyBiancaAlexa, Nik Scott and Taren Guy share their personal stories and pay tribute to the cultural and personal icons that have helped shape them into the women they are today.
Fantasy Quest
Featuring a cast of characters, explore a world of fantasy and imagination powered by the creative engine that is Minecraft. go90 will also be home to an exclusive 3D animated do-it-yourself series that explores the arts, crafts and cosplay side of gaming from inside the popular RPG Fantasy Quest fan community. 
Polaris Grand Prix
An off-the-wall, obstacle-strewn, video game-inspired go-kart race — starring some of the biggest gaming talent in the world from the Polaris network, including Yogscast, LDShadowLady, CinnamonToastKen and UberHaxorNova, among others. Winners are determined not only by their speed but also by their wit.
Prank School
Prankster, magician Rahat, whose YouTube channel Magic of Rahat boasts over 4.3 million subscribers, takes on apprentices … with a twist. Each episode features Rahat as he takes a protege under his wing to teach them the magical art of pranking — from how to construct props to planning the perfect scenarios. He will then guide his apprentices as they try to trick an unsuspecting public. But will these pranksters become the pranked?
Untitled Jabbawockeez Project
A dance competition series featuring young hopefuls from across the country who are eager to become part of the Jabbawockeez, America’s Best Dance Crew season one winners. A select group of dancers will be chosen to go through intensive training and a final audition process — with the winner invited to become the newest member of the group.
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