Makeup Artist Charlotte Tilbury Launches 'Pillow Talk' Product Range

Courtesy of Charlotte Tilbury

No relation to Zayn Malik's hit single.

Look up the hashtag #pillowtalk on Instagram and nearly half of the 825,000 posts that come up are still-life shots of Charlotte Tilbury’s popular Pillow Talk lip duo (the others are mostly of Zayn Malik, who famously had a 2016 hit single of the same name).

It’s a testament to the popularity of Tilbury’s universally flattering rosy-nude lip color and liner and no wonder why the British makeup artist with a Hollywood following that includes Amal Clooney and Nicole Kidman is expanding Pillow Talk into blush and eye palettes. Along with the existing lip colors, they are poised to create an entire Pillow Talk range akin to Nars' popular Orgasm range.

Part of the allure of Pillow Talk is that it’s seemingly foolproof, even for non-professionals.

“I wanted to alchemize that nude and pink, pout-perfecting color that I used to mix by hand. I knew I could bottle a ‘suits-all’ hue that would mimic the delicate rose-blush-skin hue," says Tilbury.

The newly added products include a “Swish and Go” Cheek to Chic blush ($40) that has a subtle gold-flecked lilt and enhances the natural rosiness of the cheeks. The “Swish” is the pop of color in the two-part palette and the “glow” is the highlighter hue that can be swept up and along the apples of the cheeks.

And then, of course, there is the Luxury Palette in Pillow Talk ($53), featuring the eye color Tilbury designed in rose and taupe as “everyday shades.” They can be amped up or down to play up drama, or, as only she can put it, are “designed to take you from desk to dusk to disco.”

Luxury Palette in Pillow Talk and Cheek to Chic Blush Palette are available exclusively online.