Star Makeup Artist Patrick Ta Launches Beauty Brand

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"Patrick instantly understood my face. He’s extremely thoughtful and meticulous," says his client Olivia Munn, who celebrated his Major Glow collection launch on Thursday.

It’s already clear what Shay Mitchell and Gigi Hadid will be wearing to Coachella — their makeup artist’s debut line of highlighter products from his new brand Patrick Ta Beauty.

Ta, 28, released his first cosmetic line, dubbed Major Glow, after six years in the business and accumulating clients such as Ariana Grande, Olivia Munn and Constance Wu. The four-piece collection — including the Major Glow lip shine ($22), highlighting mist ($32), body oil ($52) and a setting fan to help makeup stay in place ($24) — are available at and will also be released on on Friday and in Sephora stores next month.

"Who wants dry skin? Nobody wants dry skin. So Major Glow is here for Coachella"” Ta tells The Hollywood Reporter. "This year, I'm going to be doing Shay and Gigi and they just want to look — we've already talked about it — you're going to be in a desert and it's hot and you're walking around all day long. They want to look like themselves; they want to just look fresh and glowy."

Ta has already used samples of his products on clients for the red carpet in the past six months, but didn’t reveal it was his own brand at the time. "I have all these body glow and lip and highlighter moments that I've been dying to post and tag what it is, because I wanted it to be a surprise," he says. "I use it all the time. The best response is when someone doesn't know what I'm using, if it's my client and she's my friend, and she'll be like, 'Oh my god, that smells so good,' or, 'Oh my god, that looks so good. What is it? I need it.'" That’s happened a few times with his body oil for Adriana Lima, Jenna Dewan and Paris Hilton, along with Munn. "I'm like, 'Oh my god, it's mine!' It's just amazing to hear that from a friend," Ta says.

The makeup artist celebrated on Thursday night at Goya Studios with some of those friends. Mitchell and Munn joined Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Brad Goreski, James Charles and Alessandra Ambrosio at his blush-themed bash complete with Moet rosé and pink balloons: "I feel like it's my wedding. I went all out for this party," Ta says. Personal touches included a boba tea bar and a poke bar, some of Ta's favorites.

"As an Asian American, I’ve always had difficulties finding makeup artists that could make me feel my best," Munn tells THR. "Most makeup artists just do the same things that they would do on other women and not know how to work on someone with both Asian and American features. But Patrick instantly understood my face. He’s extremely thoughtful and meticulous."

Munn adds that they’ve been talking about his line since its inception and she's seen how hard it is in any business to see a dream come to fruition. "So, I know the same attention to detail that he puts into applying makeup, he put into every product that will now be emblazoned with his name. He had many big-money offers along the way that would’ve been a lot easier for him. But he turned each one down to build his makeup brand slowly and thoughtfully, ensuring that every Patrick Ta beauty product would be perfect," she says.

An ambassador for La Mer and Shiseido, Ta has been working on his own brand for two years. "I just want to be able to do my thing where I have full creative control and I get to choose what goes out and what I want to do," he says. "The feeling I have right now, I can't even describe, because I'm just so happy. I'm so proud of everything that I've come out with and just to see people's reactions."

Glowy skin is something he’s always been obsessed with. But back in the day, Ta recalls only a few highlighters out there, including one by MAC Cosmetics. Now there are thousands of different products, but he usually has to combine two or three to get the red carpet look he wants. "I love highlighters that look luminous, glossy, wet and also stay and photograph well. So I usually have to mix like a powder and a cream and a setting spray," Ta explains. His new aerosol has fine particles that "make your skin look wet" without harsh lines.

And it’s not just for cheekbones — Ta relies on the body oil to create an all-over glow. "I love when my clients are on the red carpet and they look back at the camera and you can see their shoulders. And if that shoulder is not glowing, and matching the cheekbone, it just irritates me. The body should be just as yummy as the face," he says.

The lip gloss formula was inspired by times he borrowed friends’ glosses. "They're so sticky and you'd think that they would moisturize your lips, but they don't. So I wanted to create a lip balm that was high shine," Ta says. That same desire for comfort translated across his products, as he wants to honor the women who made him comfortable to be himself.

"Growing up, I've always known that I was gay, but I wasn't out to the world, so I've always gravitated toward women. And women were the ones who allowed me to feel comfortable in my own skin," he says. "[For] this beauty brand, I wanted to create products that allowed women to feel empowered, to feel confident, to feel beautiful and comfortable in their own skin in the vein of how women continue to make me [feel]. If I didn't have these girls in my life, I wouldn't be the makeup artist I am today."

He has ideas for his next few collections mapped out, and says we can expect the sophomore line in three to six months. So will he be collaborating with clients, perhaps Hadid, who has previously collaborated on a fashion line with Tommy Hilfiger? "I would love to eventually do something with someone that makes sense to who I am and to the brand. I don't know who it is yet. We don't have any people on the pipeline yet, but I could think of a few names that I would die to do it with and that we have relationships with," Ta says.

For now, he’s looking forward to the unveiling of his display gondola in Sephora. "I'm not just saying it because it's mine, but this gondola is the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen at Sephora," he says, describing it as a "rose gold blush dream" with mirrors.

The all-out rose gold decor was also present at the party on Thursday, where Mitchell sipped Thai iced tea from a rose gold metal straw while wearing a pink feathered mini-dress to blend in with the backdrop.

"Patrick does the best glowy, luminous skin," Huntington-Whiteley said on the pink carpet in an Isabel Marant jumpsuit she went out and bought to obey the dress code. "I feel very privileged that he made time for me on this special evening to come and do my makeup. I got to try his products for the first time, which was really fun." The model added that she's already preparing her gown for the "Camp" Met Gala, merely teasing, "the theme is fantastic this year." Maybe it'll involve some highlighter.  





A woman that needs no introduction: @shaymitchell This woman was truly the first one to give me a voice in the makeup community and help launched my career. She was not only my first celebrity client, but she was the first one to ever really fight for me to be apart of on jobs, and I will never forget it. I met Shay shortly after moving to LA. I was 21, charging $75 for makeup, and I thought I was killing the makeup game, lol. Little did I know, my life was about to change. What she has done for me I could never repay, and I am so grateful. Not only is she an amazing client, but she loves makeup just as much as an artist. She is constantly working with the best in the industry, learning and absorbing tricks, and is always teaching me new techniques! She brings light to her surroundings, wherever she is. I am so thankful to call her my friend. I love you, Shay . This Is For Her #PatrickTaForHer @patricktabeauty

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