Makeup Monday: 5 Eye Creams to Banish Holiday Eye Bags

Jennifer Garner Makeup Monday - P 2014

Jennifer Garner Makeup Monday - P 2014

Eggnog and air travel leaving you with two black eyes? Have no fear. Fiona Stiles — Jennifer Garner's and Elizabeth Banks' makeup guru — recommends these eye creams for banishing bags, stat

Between a busting-at-the-seams social calendar, a smattering of overnight flights and the rush to wrap up major work projects before the year’s end, chances are good that even that green juice and vitamin B shot are proving somewhat pointless right now.

Particularly when it comes to the under-eye area, which basically acts as a barometer for how much you’re not sleeping and how many cocktails you are consuming, the holiday frenzy can certainly take its toll, right smack-dab on the middle of your face — twice.

Fiona Stiles, who preps, contours and highlights the faces of Elizabeth Banks and Jennifer Garner, swears by a certain selection of eye creams and balms in order to keep herself and her clients looking fresh and well rested.

“Nothing drags your face down like dark circles under your eyes,” says Stiles. “And puffy eyes instantly make you look sleep-deprived. Finding any way short of surgery to combat that is key.”

When prepping for red-carpet appearances, Stiles refrains from applying eye cream to her client’s faces for fear of runny makeup, but here are the items she does recommend to them for the holiday frenzy, in advance of the big event and basically every night in between. 


Kahina  Giving Beauty Eye Cream, $65

"I usually recommend skipping eye cream in the daytime because you’ll look like a raccoon by lunchtime, but this one sinks right in and gets to work without leaving your eye a greasy mess. This is the only eye cream I’ll use for red-carpet events, because I know I can trust it not to make the eye makeup smudge." Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Cream, $65


Verso Eye Super Eye Serum, $80

"This is one I recommend to my clients all the time because it’s so gentle but works so well on wrinkles. It has Retinol 8 in it, and we all know that Retinol works wonders. The fact that this is gentle enough to use on your eyes is a huge bonus." Verso Eye Super Eye Serum, $80



Sjal  Orbe Eye Cream, $175


"This cream has a lovely texture. It feels a little 'whipped' so it goes on easily without any tugging or pulling during application. It sinks right in and feels so good and refreshing." Sjal Orbe Eye Cream, $175 



Elizabeth  Dehn for One Love Organics: Active Moisture Vitamin E Eye Balm, $48


"This is an amazing, intense eye balm. It’s thick and greasy and really feels like it's working and soaking right in there. Gently pat it on with your ring finger to be sure there’s no tug or pull on the skin. You can also use this on and around the lip area." Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics: Active Moisture Vitamin E Eye Balm, $48


Dr. Hauschka Daily Revitalizing Eye Cream, $52


"I love how emollient this cream is. It’s one to wear at night, since makeup doesn’t do well over it. I personally buy this in bulk anytime I'm in Germany as it's considerably less expensive since it's made there." Dr. Hauschka Daily Revitalizing Eye Cream, $52


Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes, $52


"This is another good daytime eye cream. It feels cooling and de-puffing when you apply it, and then it disappears into the skin. Over time it reduces dark circles and fine lines. Yes, please!" Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes, $52