Makeup Monday: The Beauty Secret That Works From the Inside Out

Gina Rodriguez - H 2015
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Gina Rodriguez - H 2015

HUM is the digestible beauty brand that's keeping Hollywood stars like Gina Rodriguez detoxed and blemish free.

When it comes to perpetuating the latest beauty or wellness trend, Los Angeles arguably takes the (gluten-free) cake. Whether it’s hot yoga, spinning, cleansing or colonics, it’s a veritable buffet of health and well-being.

Digestible beauty supplements are the latest aid adopted by celebrities and their hair and makeup artists, and an L.A. based brand called HUM provides a robust offering of skin, nail and body solutions.

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Molly Sims, Gina Rodriguez and Empire's Kaitlin Doubleday are fans of the Sephora-sold supplements, which are all targeted toward specific issues from bloating to blemishes.

"The idea of HUM was born out of my personal struggle with breakouts," says Walter Faulstroh, co-founder of HUM. "I always knew that there was a link between nutrition and my skin but research in the area was hard to come by, with the majority of dermatologists not trained in the field of nutrition. It was only after I met with the most forward thinking nutritionists that I was able to fix my skin once and for all."

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Each gluten-free formula is created to tackle a certain issue. Ripped Rooster ($40) and Skinny Bird ($40) are weight loss supplements, Flawless + Fearless ($29) is meant to reduce breakouts and the celeb fave Red Carpet ($25) promises glowing skin and shiny, fuller hair in 6 weeks. Of course, it wouldn’t be the latest health kick if it didn't come with a cleanse option. HUM has one called Cleanse to the Rescue ($42) , which entails 21 days of supplements said to result in radiant skin and a flatter stomach. Yes, please.

"I'm a big fan of beauty supplements," says New York-based celebrity dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman. "Many of them contain antioxidants and biotin which helps give the skin glow and improve the nails and the thickness of the hair. I recommend that people take them twice a day. Best way to utilize the supplements is to eat a healthy diet as well and to avoid preservatives in your diet as well as packaged foods."

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No doubt that those who don’t already, will be drinking down their beauty supplements with some green juice or kombucha.