Makeup Monday: The Best Beauty Buys From Abroad

Streicher Beauty - S 2015
Courtesy of Ashley and Jenn Streicher

Streicher Beauty - S 2015

From Berlin to Tokyo, our beauty experts weigh in on the products they hoard before heading back to the U.S.

Travel season is upon us and that means logging in plenty of pool time, strolling aimlessly down tree-lined cobblestone streets and, of course, a multitude of museum visits.

But for the beauty obsessed, traveling means ducking into any and every inviting-looking pharmacy with its shelves stocked full of well-packaged products. And though the labels are often hard to decipher, that’s sort of what makes each item totally intriguing — that and the sense of discovery that you’ve stumbled upon an exciting new product that could just work miracles or at the very least make you look forward to trying out a new eye mask while binge watching the shows you missed when out of town. Plus, you’ll sound pretty cool when revealing to anyone who compliments your extra long lashes or dewy skin that the product responsible was purchased at an obscure, out-of-the-way apothecary thousands of miles away.

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For the celeb beauty artists who travel constantly for press tours, shoots and premiers, setting aside time to search out these exotic finds is a top priority.

Here, several well-traveled experts share their most treasured beauty finds from abroad:

Sascha Breuer, hairstylist: Hilary Swank, Kate Beckinsale.

I found the Ionic Braun Satin Hairbrush in at Galeries Lafayette Berlin and can’t live without it anymore. It is like a magic hair retouching wand. The hair gets immediately smoother, shinier and frizz free, so I hardly have to use shine sprays or serums anymore. 

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Mai Quynh, makeup artist: Chloe Grace Moretz, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon.

RMK Cleansing Oil ($41) is this wonderful cleansing oil you can pick up in London or Tokyo. I love taking makeup off with cleansing oil, because it can really break down the foundation and concealer, and it leaves your skin super clean yet hydrated. The RMK Cleansing Oil has a soft citrusy and mint smell, which also feels refreshing on the skin.

Ashley Streicher, hairstylist: Hailee Steinfeld, Carrie Brownstein and Jenn Streicher, makeup artist: Emily Blunt, Claire Danes — co-owners of Striiike Salon, Beverly Hills.

Favorite beauty products purchased on a recent trip to Tokyo include:

Beauteye rose-scented pink eye drops come in a cute little fragrance-looking bottle. They have a light tingling feeling when used and make for a great eye refresher, and who wouldn't want to carry this in your purse!

Oshima Tsubaki hair oil ($22) is 100 percent Camellia seed oil and it's the most popular hair oil in Japan, used as treatment oil for great shine and moisture. And again, the packaging is just beautiful.

Hair fragrance is very popular in Japan, and something we could definitely use here in the U.S. With everyone's busy schedule and exercising at lunch, you could extend your blowout as long as possible. This is a great idea to give your favorite two-day hair some fresh vibes. Most of them in Tokyo are rose-scented but they come in a variety of scents!

Mapepe foam rollers are the perfect summer necessity! They are so easy for wrapping large sections of damp hair around (maybe even fresh out of the ocean) and letting it dry. They're so soft and squishy that you could literally sleep in them. I (Ashley) loosely wrapped my damp hair in them and left two inches of my ends out and ended up with perfect beach hair. Love these and am looking to sell them at STRIIIKE ASAP!

Cure Natural Aqua Gel ($49) (you can also order this on Amazon) is an amazing exfoliant. And the Q10 Eye Mask ($11) has amazing hydration and firming qualities.

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Christy Coleman, makeup artist: Alessandra Ambrosio, Connie Britton.

I have always been a fan of oils so I make sure I do not leave Japan without at least a dozen. I love Oshima Tsubaki hair oil ($22). Oshima is where the red camellia flower is found. Most camellia oils are made with the white flower.

Also, Geisha Lipstick in a pot is amazing. I have always loved the red lip color of Geisha’s, which are applied with a brush out of a pot. I always bring these home for inspiration. They are made from the Benibana flower also known as Safflower.