Makeup Monday: Elizabeth Banks' Beauty Guru Launches Line

Fiona Stiles Headshot - P 2016
Courtesy of Fiona Stiles

Fiona Stiles' new makuep collection will be sold exclusively at Ulta.

Some of the best-known (and best-performing) beauty lines are the brainchild of makeup artists — think Laura Mercier, Charlotte Tilbury and Bobbi Brown, to name a few. And now, Fiona Stiles, one of the most successful and sought-after celebrity artists working today, is putting her philosophy of “mistake-proof” beauty into an eponymous line exclusive to Ulta.

As longtime makeup artist to Elizabeth Banks, Bella Heathcote, Amber Valletta and Jennifer Garner, Stiles has tried and tested products both on set and on the red carpet, and this new collection is a compilation of easy-to-use foolproof formulas that come in universally flattering shades. All products (which include an eyeshadow primer, sculpting powder, lipsticks, blush and foundation) are all paraben-free and are priced between $12-$30 each.

Here, Stiles breaks down her beauty mantra, brand philosophy and which product is a current celebrity favorite for getting all the right angles on the red carpet.

MAD ABOUT MAKEUP: Fiona Stiles eponymous new line sold at Ulta. (Photo: Fiona Stiles)

Has it always been a goal of yours to create your own makeup line?

I think it’s every makeup artist's desire to be able to create products. I’m pretty sure we all have a running tab of formulations or colors we’d love to see in the world, but I truly never thought I’d be able to flesh out that fantasy. I am so grateful to Ulta for giving me a platform and a space to create a line. It’s literally a dream come true.

Do you have a beauty mantra you abide by and impart on your celeb clients?

SPF, SPF, SPF. That said, I chose not to include SPF in our foundations because I really want people to wear a proper layer of SPF and not rely on the tiny amount in their foundation to do the trick. As far as makeup goes, I love a statement lip, and we have a lot of really stunning lip colors in various formulas to experiment and play with.

Have you been using the products on clients for the red carpet? Any specific recent events?

I’ve been using it through all phases of the development! Most recently, I’ve used it on Elizabeth Banks, Gabrielle Union, Bella Heathcote, Amber Valletta and Juno Temple.

You are close with so many other amazing makeup artists (in fact, I think you've named some products after some of them), what items do they seem to be gravitating to and why?

I love how close-knit our community of makeup artists is. We all have real, genuine love and respect for each other, and that’s so special. There’s a really strong support network with all of us and that seems pretty rare considering how competitive this industry can be. I’ve heard back from a number of artists that they love the eyeshadows, the foundations and concealers specifically, but I think the one product that most really love is the Radiant Aqua Eye Veils ($22). They’re just such a unique texture and are so delicious; it’s a real makeup lover’s product. When I made it, I thought, “Oooh, makeup artist and editors will love this!”

Where has the inspiration for your colors come from?

Lots of places. Random tear sheets and swipes that I’ve had over the years, old discontinued colors or random visuals, like wet pavement. The inspiration is the fun part!

You obviously have a lot of big fans in your celebrity clients — are there any specific products that they have loved both on and off set and the red carpet?

They love the lips and the foundations. I keep giving those away. And the Sheer Sculpting Palette ($28) — that is a great red-carpet secret weapon!