Makeup Monday: Holiday Beauty Hacks From Celeb Beauty Pros

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Kate Bosworth and Uzo Aduba

From Uzo Aduba's hairstylist to Selena Gomez's manicurist, top Hollywood glam-squad members spill their tricks for achieving that festive glow.

We've all been there, or perhaps are currently experiencing it. You really want to turn up your beauty game and look especially gorgeous and festive for the long string of parties and events ahead, but considering this is an exceptionally busy time of year — wrapping up work, buying presents, eating and drinking, plus trying to stay hydrated through dry winter weather — keeping that "well-rested" glow in check is just another thing to add to your holiday to-do list.

For the most effective holiday hair and makeup hacks, we've enlisted several celebrity makeup artists, hairstylists and manicurists to share their go-to shade, tool or “magic wand” for getting that holiday glow (real or faux) this season.

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Bridget Brager, Hairstylist (Clients: Kate Bosworth, Darby Stanchfield)

The tool I love and recommend for getting a festive look fairly easily during the holiday season, when time is stretched thin, is The Beachwaver ($199). It's a foolproof way of getting beautiful beachy waves, a perfectly polished set (think old-Hollywood hair) — or if you’re in a pinch, it’s a great, fast way to amp up your ponytail before heading to your next holiday party.


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Lacy Redway, Hairstylist (Clients: Olivia Palermo, Lupita Nyong’o, Uzo Aduba)

One of my all-time favorite hair hacks is using chopsticks — yes, the ones you get in your takeout — to aid in creating classic hairstyles like a chignon or French twist.

I love a nice Marcel-inspired wave for the holiday: Create a hidden braid at the nape of your neck, then pin it going horizontally and tightly at the base of your hair. For the top portion of the hair, create a loose ponytail. Grab your leftover chopsticks from takeout, and roll the ends of the hair all the way up to the braid. Pin the top section on top of the braid to create a chic and festive holiday faux bob.

Also, Remington's T Studio Luxe Setters ($29.99) are super easy to use. This is sort of like your mom's hot rollers but 10 times better, because the heat distributes evenly around the hair with the rollers as well as on the top; the clips also heat up while holding the rollers in place. It allows me to set hair while multitasking. 

Lastly, I love R-session Pro Tools Nalu Waver ($179). I set hair on the double-barrel iron in a figure-eight motion while protecting my hands with the heat-resistant glove (included). You can find this tool in Aveda salons.

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Sabrina Bedrani, Makeup Artist (Clients: Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, Miley Cyrus)

My favorite product this season is the DiorShow Fusion Mono in Blazing (holiday 2015 limited edition; $31). It’s such a beautiful gold, and I love it so much because it’s so easy to use. The creamy texture makes it easy to apply, especially for people who can be intimidated by powder eye shadows. With a cream, you don’t have any fallout. You can blend it very easily with a brush or fingers and build it up quickly. Once it’s set, it won’t budge or crease. The pigment is so beautiful, it can be used on its own or on top of any other color to add a bit of festivity.

Gerry Holford, Manicurist (Client: Selena Gomez)

My recommended product is by FABY USA called "The Magic Wand" ($18). This is a sheer-textured top coat that adds sparkle without compromising the shade underneath: Reds stay red; blues stay blue. I love this product for the holidays because you can totally transform your regular manicure in minutes for any festive occasion. You can simply swipe the brush across the tips of your nails for an alternative French mani. You can brush it over the whole nail, or place it wherever you like to add touches of nail art such as a half-moon, a stripe down the middle or even use a makeup sponge to create a holiday ombre nail! It truly is a magic wand and an absolute must-have for my kit, especially at this time of year.

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Rose Theodora, Color Expert for nail salon Enamel Diction (Clients: Ciara, Tracee Ellis Ross)

The colors we love this holiday season are the metallics, like gunmetal, champagne and navy — very minimal chic and magnetic. My go-to metallic at the moment is Layla Mirror's effect. In a time crunch, you can't go wrong with a classic nude. Our favorite is Dior "Yacht."