Makeup Monday: How to Get Your Skin Summer Ready

Celeb esthetician Erika Bokamper reveals the secret to for putting your best face forward this summer.

Memorial Day marked the unofficial start of summer, but for some of us, it’s possible our skin never got the message.

Sure, it might be less bronzed than we’d like, but we’ve got helpful spray tan specialists to help us out there. There’s also the parched, lackluster look to skin that’s just coming out of the cooler season, just screaming for some much needed exfoliation before any self tanners, shimmery highlighters or contouring powders should be applied, in order to achieve that unmistakable summertime glow.

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It’s easy enough to just start sloughing away dead winter skin, but this year we thought we’d try and get educated by someone who works on some of the best looking skin in Hollywood.

Celebrity skin care specialist and esthetician, Erika Bokamper at Francesca Paige in Beverly Hills, sees the most famous faces in town all day long. In addition to just being flat-out experts in this area, Bokamper and Paige talk shop with colleagues and clients regularly and have sussed out the skincare and even sunless tanners that they and their celebrity clients turn to for the best summer ready skin.

Here, Bokamper offers her advice for properly prepping parched winter skin to be at its best this season.

What are some of the most common skin issues coming out of winter?

Summer days are longer, temperatures are higher and our skin faces different seasonal challenges than that of the shorter, colder days of winter. We recommend changing your skincare products up a little with each season just as we do with our wardrobes. It can be as simple as exchanging heavier, occlusive moisturizers for lighter more hydrating serums that won’t clog pores in the hot summer months. And while sun protection is important all year round the risks of photo damage like skin cancer, wrinkles, hyper pigmentation and skin growths caused by UVA and UVB is at an all time high. We recommend year round use of a physical block without the blue hue like Clear Choice SPF 45 ($34), micronized zinc oxide based broad spectrum.  

What are the best ways to remedy these issues?

To keep skin clear and glowing through the summer months we recommend an inclusive, balanced approach. This means using a gentle yet active topical homecare regimen like the FPSkin daily system ($128). Keep skin clean, making sure to remove all stubborn make up and SPF before bed is also vital. Our clients use a Clarisonic ($99) several times a week in conjunction with recommended home care to minimize summer breakouts and sun damage. If a pimple pops up, run don’t walk to your medicine cabinet and apply FPSkin’s BFF, Blemish Fighting Formula ($35). It’s an organic, non-drying anti -bacterial, anti-inflammatory treatment that cuts the life of a break out in half. Our clients and myself stand by this little emergency miracle treatment.

How does someone hydrate for summer without going over board and getting oily and clogged?

In any skin care regiment balance is key, pay attention to your skin. If you are struggling with shine and congestion your winter moisturizer may be too heavy with the seasons change. Swap it out for squalane based, Sanitas Vita Rich Serum ($54).  It’s ultra hydrating with essential fatty acids and won’t clog pores. Apply in the morning under your sun protection and use a more active, regenerating moisturizer such as vitamin c base with encapsulated retinol, FPSkin's Restore ($75) as a great night treatment.

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Are there any products or steps one should do in order to prep their skin for being exposed to the sun or self tanner in order to tan evenly and get a nice glow?

Nothing will age you faster than the damaging rays of the sun. We are advocates of SAFE sun so the only glow we recommend is all natural, organic airbrush tanning.  Prep skin with an exfoliating glove or dry brush in the shower, which coincidentally is also great for circulation and reduces the appearance of cellulite. Then, make an appointment to have your “glow” applied.  We like Ashley at SUGARFIX LA and Sunkissed By Jenni. Jenni does house calls, too. Remember, a little sun is a little damage, a lot of sun is a lot of damage and an organic spray tan is no damage at all!