Makeup Monday: This Is Where Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid Go to Relax

Courtesy of Tessa Neustadt/The Now
The Now

The Now, co-founded by Amy Krofchick and Erica Malbon, has become L.A.'s new "It" spot for massages. Here, the ladies tell us about creating a relaxing environment in between L.A.'s hustle and bustle.

When Kendall Jenner celebrated her 20th birthday earlier this month, she skipped the flashy Ferrari presentation and paparazzi-fueled dinner, opting for an escape to Los Angeles' latest celebrity hotspot.

The Now is not a Hollywood nightclub or members-only social house, but a newly opened massage sanctuary that Jenner was turned on to by her constant sidekick, fellow model-of-the-moment Gigi Hadid.

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And it’s no wonder that the two jet-setting Instagram stars love slipping into the Now — it is a true respite from the daily noise, with decor that feels like you’ve been transported to an off-the-beaten-path resort. In addition to Jenner and Hadid, a slew of celebrity stylists have popped into the Now, which has a communal room offering 30-minute chair massages and movies, and an airy back area with individual semi-private spaces.

Mariel Haenn, Penny Lovell, Monica Rose and Karla Welch have all stopped in to relieve some of the stress they face from prepping their A-List clients’ many appearances and Hadid has been back, perhaps a pre-Victoria's Secret prep before spreading her wings for the first time recently.

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Here, Amy Krofchick and Erica Malbon, co-founders of the Now, explain their inspiration for creating this unique concept and how the service may soon go mobile so even the busiest Hollywood execs and overworked assistants can get a great massage sent to their home or office.

Pret-a-Reporter: What was the impetus to start the Now?

Amy Krofchick: The Now is a collaboration between Amy Krofchick and Erica Malbon. We were introduced several years ago through a mutual friend, and bonded over similar life experiences. We had both recently experienced traumatic deaths in our immediate family, and were mothers to little boys under the age of two. We also shared the outlook that life is not to be taken for granted and each moment matters.

Erica Malbon: "The Next Time Should Be Now," our brand mantra, was found in Amy’s late husband's journal and is the message we are sharing. You will only have this moment once so make it wonderful. As busy women, both working mothers, we wanted a place to find a peaceful moment in our long days. We frequented different spas and couldn’t find the perfect fit. We found a void between the traditional day spa, where you have to commit to a lengthy process at a high premium, and the Eastern foot spas, that don’t offer the luxury elements we seek.

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How is it different from existing spas or walk-in foot- massage places?

Krofchick: The Now is a new concept for delivering a massage service. Our essence is to provide a luxury massage service in an aspirational space at a democratic price. We are a sanctuary within the city, where our customers can retreat and recharge. We are sharing our philosophy of staying present and in the Now through the vehicle of massage.

The interior truly provides such an escape. What was the inspiration for the decor?

Krofchick: The interiors for the Now were inspired by nature. When creating the space we wanted to bring the outside in, making sure to use materials that were in their natural state. It was very important for everything we used to breath positive and create an uplifting energy. 

Why do you think something like the Now works particularly well in L.A.? Do you plan on doing any mobile services to busy industry execs, etc., or is it more about having it be a destination?

Malbon: This is in the works. We have expansion plans and this is part of them. We want to share the Now with as many people as we can, and mobile services will allow us a broader reach.

The feel of the Now is really stylish, what are some of the details and special touches you feel really speak to a chic, fashion-loving customer?

Malbon: We offer amazing aromatherapy from Jiva-Apoha, a brand we are so excited to be working with. We also have a "Beauty Sleep" add-on available, which is a collagen eye mask that our customers can wear during their massages. It is great for our sleep-deprived, jet- setting customers. 

How have you sourced and decided upon the brands used and carried at the Now?

Krofchick: When we were looking for brands to carry at the Now, we wanted brands that we felt we aligned with. We were huge fans of the Coqui Coqui perfumery in Tulum [Mexico] and had been traveling to Tulum to purchase products for years. We knew we had to share in Los Angeles. We were introduced to Angela Shore, founder of Jiva-Apoha, and knew it was an instant fit. The philosophy behind her brand and her personal journey was very similar to ours.  

What made you decide to screen films in the communal area? What types of movies will you plan on showing?

Krofchick: We decided to screen films as an added touch. We want the Now to be a place where our customers feel comfortable hanging and spending time. We want our patrons to feel like they are guests in our home. We love all of the arts and want to share our discoveries with our customers.

What is the easiest way to book an appointment at the Now? Are appointments always necessary?

Malbon: Book online, call,or walk in! We are excited to meet you.

The Now, 7611 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, 90036; 323-746-5525;