Makeup Monday: Jaime King's Mary Kay Memories Run Deep

JaimeKing_IG - S 2015

JaimeKing_IG - S 2015

She reminisces, "I am from Omaha and if you were a Mary Kay lady, you were like a goddess!"

If you're above a certain age, you may remember the allure of the Mary Kay beauty consultant setting up her tri-fold makeup case in your living room. All those lipsticks in pink and peach, rose and red —, maybe even the promise of a pink Cadillac. For some of us, it was the beginning of a lifetime obsession with beauty products.

For actress Jamie King, those Mary Kay roots run really deep — all the way back to when she was a toddler growing up in Omaha, Nebraska.

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"I’ve been affiliated with Mary Kay since I was literally two years old," said King, sitting at the direct sales cosmetic giant’s booth during the Super Saturday fundraiser in Santa Monica, which drew 2,500 attendees and raised $700,000 for ovarian cancer research. "I am from Omaha and if you were a Mary Kay lady, you were like a goddess!"

Looking like a 1970s goddess herself, robed in a Rachel Zoe maxi dress and a peach-hued flower crown, the actress and soon-to-be-mom to baby number two (King is due in August and she’s chosen Taylor Swift as her unborn son’s godmother, natch), seemed to be living her modern Mary Kay dream, getting a full face of makeup done by artist Luis Casco.

To play up the peach in her dress and floral hair accessory, Casco used Mary Kay at Play Lip & Cheek Stick ($10) in Peach Pop, plus Mineral Cheek Duo ($18) in Ripe Watermelon and eye shadow ($8) in Moonstone and Amber Blaze.

King also took home a bag of her childhood faves for the road, saying she couldn’t wait to gift her mother with the beauty products.

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"I learned how to use makeup and put on makeup through my mother who used Mary Kay," remarked King.

The 36-year-old actress’ fondness for Mary Kay, which was founded in 1963, is a strong sign that the brand once associated more with our mothers is timeless and more and more popular with today's celebs and beauty buffs. And, yes, the fantasy pink Cadillac is still in the picture, but it's not an enormous sedan. Today's top Pink Ladies drive Escalades.