Makeup Monday: Jennifer Lawrence's Manicurist Talks Summer-Ready Skin and Nails

Jenna Hipp

The eco-friendly nail artist to the stars divulges her best beauty secrets for warmer summer months that are both toxin- and guilt-free.

Nail art, wraps, rhinestones and decals — celebrity manicurist Jenna Hipp has seen it all. But when it comes to fresh summer nails and makeup, this pro prefers au naturl — not just in the way things look but with the ingredients that go into each product she uses and creates.

Hipp, who is known to Hollywood and her clientele (including Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Garner, Lea Michele and Christina Applegate as well as the Saint Laurent campaigns) as the "Green Celebrity Manicurist," has her own line of 5-Free nail polish, and today launches a collection of lip and cheek tints, called Cheeky Kiss Lip and Cheek Tints, just in time for warmer months.

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These tints fall in line with Hipp’s philosophy of nontoxic beauty by omitting petroleum, mineral oil and PEGs (polyethylene glycols) from the formula. Plus, they smell faintly of whipped vanilla frosting in the most non-cloying way and give the sheerest, summer-ready wash of color to the face and lips.

As Hipp gets her celeb clients nails ready for summer getaways and appearances, she turns to clean, buffed nail beds and a fresh, dewy complexion to match.

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Here, she shares the summer nail hues being requested in Hollywood, plus her personal makeup tips for sweltering weather.

What nail trends are your celeb clients requesting for summer?

I'd say half of my clients are celebrating the summer season with various shades of vacation-inspired pinks, purples and blues (I just painted "Rose Tart" from my New Brights collection on Lea Michele's toes), while the other half prefers to go minimal and au naturel (Jennifer Garner, Christina Applegate). The best “bare look” is best achieved by applying 2 coats of "Liquid Buff" by RGB Cosmetics ($20). The product nourishes and protects the nail, providing a dull shine that lasts up to a month instead of sanding off precious layers of the nail like traditional buffing tends to do. 

What is your favorite go-to beauty look for summer (face and nails)?

I'm all about highlighted, clean, glowing, fresh skin for summer. Instead of a full face of foundation, I even out skin tone by mixing concealer with my eye cream (Dr. Hauschka Regenerating Eye Cream, $45) for coverage that sinks right into the skin and is completely undetectable. I focus color on cheeks and lips, adding a healthy yet natural looking flush on cheekbones by combining  "Peachy Keen" and "Honey Kiss" from my new Cheeky Kiss Lip and Cheek Tint collection. I love Josie Maran's Argan Illuminizer ($26) for eyelids, tops of cheekbones, bridge of nose and collarbone. Lips are moisturized with my Lip Glossery Pout Polish ($23) in "Illusion" (It's a coconut oil and jojoba base, so it treats lips more like ChapStick. Think “chap-gloss”). For nails, I like variety! Basically anything goes in the summer, so I take complete advantage of the fact and have been wearing everything from powder peach to gunmetal gray to nail wraps with patterns and bold designs. 

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Why do stains make sense for summer and what is great about these new versions you are launching?

Tints and stains are my favorite option for hot weather, breathing life back into the complexion without sinking into pores or becoming crumbly or dry like some creams and powders. Because the colors dual as lip and cheek, it's easy. Stain and tint formulas are traditionally sheer and apply lighter than they look in the packaging, so you can re-apply or layer shades without worrying about overdoing it. My cheek and lip stains are really special — they’re beautifully soft and silky and best of all, they’re safe.  

We’ve removed all parabens and all synthetic fragrances (We use essential oils instead). So many women don’t give a second thought to the chemicals loaded in their beauty routine, but that's all I think about.

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When on set or doing red-carpet looks, what items do you make sure to stock for a perfect summer look that withstands heat and humidity?

Instead of trying to fight the elements, I go with it. If it’s hot and humid, I create a look that caters to dewy skin, which looks effortless and intentional in the heat. The key is keeping skin moisturized, but not greasy. Wearing makeup, but not too much. Keeping hair up, yet wispy and natural. I keep Hope Gillerman Tension Remedy ($48) with me at all times. It’s a pure essential oil that instantly cools skin and refreshes your senses while cleaning the air around you. Apply a drop or two in your hands and apply to neck and shoulders to cool you off and relax your muscles for hours. Plus, you’ll smell delicious, as the body heat enhances the entire experience. 

Skin is refreshed instantly by splashing on Revitalizing Leg and Arm Tonic from Dr. Hauschka ($35). (It will change your life — my clients go crazy for it.) Circulation is instantly boosted, plus the rosemary and borage help reduce the appearance of varicose veins and cellulite.

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