Makeup Monday: La Mer's Newest Product Promises Perfection

La Mer launches a Product That Promises “Perfection” - H 2016
Courtesy of La Mer

The California-born brand tapped artist Katie Rodgers to illustrate just how dreamy the results of the Perfecting Treatment can be.

When it comes to perfect skin, most people rely on their favorite Instagram filter or photo app to provide a dreamy haze that washes over the face to blur out and beautify any possible imperfections.

La Mer, the high-end skin care brand that is a well-known favorite of endless celebrities including Chrissy Teigen, Amy Adams and Kim Kardashian, to name a few, has just created a product that literally puts "perfection" right there on the front of the jar.

This gel-like formula claims to tone the skin to a beautiful translucency. A soft, dewy glow apparently also lights up the face and will radiate whether alone or under makeup.

To illustrate how the product works on the skin in different scenarios, La Mer teamed up with Katie Rodgers, the creator and artist behind @paperfashion, to paint images or "visions of perfection." Each whimsical painting and treatment suggestion shows how the product can create various finishes on the skin depending on how it’s applied.

Whether used as a makeup primer or as part of the moisturizing and anti-aging regimen, the Perfecting Treatment claims to also have a cumulative effect on the face, eventually restoring skin back to a more youthful condition.

Consider it a live, in-person Instagram filter that perhaps even used with a filter, would take selfies to a whole new level.

Speaking of Instagram, Rodgers will be taking over La Mer’s feed this entire week with more of her ethereal illustrations and beauty-related posts.

See below for a sneak peek of Rodgers' creations:

"A PERFECT BEGINNING" (Illustration: Katie Rodgers)

"RADIANT SKIN" (Illustration: Katie Rodgers)