Makeup Monday: Rita Ora’s Must-Have Beauty Product Is Perfect for Your NYE Look

Rita Ora

Amp up the drama with the false lashes that Hollywood makeup artists are buzzing about.

A few years ago, everyone you knew was using Latisse or a similar type of hair growth product that made their eyelashes sprout out to the point they became spider-like, spindly and practically tangled up in themselves.

Then came eyelash extensions, which are still a hot beauty trend, but take plenty of upkeep and "fills" once they start to grow out.

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Now, in addition to these various methods for getting fanned-out and fluttery lashes, beauty junkies — specifically celebrities such as Rita Ora, Sarah Hyland and Tove Lo — are turning to false eyelashes from a company called Artemes.

Launched this year, Artemes aren't the dainty individual lashes placed gingerly toward the corner of the eye, nor the heavy tracks that make a person look perpetually sleepy, but high-end mink lashes that look and feel light, fluffy and give just the right amount of sexy, bedroom eye, whether on stage or on the red carpet.

Ora's makeup artist Kathy Jeung has used them on the platinum pop star countless times lately, with Artemes being the only makeup request the singer stated as a must-have on a recent shoot for Grazia Italy. The Lost Innocence, Mistaken Identity and Sweet Souls styles are specific favorites of the singer.

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Fellow musicians Charlie XCX and Tove Lo are wearing Artemes as well, courtesy of their makeup artist Colby Smith.

The lashes, which add that oomph without looking overly heavy, are made of ethically sourced mink hairs, which are sterilized during the mink’s biannual molting cycle. The natural softness, fullness and shape is said to last for up to 25 uses.

Priced at $35-$45 a pair, the lashes make a good alternative to growth serums and extensions if either seems like too much of a commitment — particularly come New Year’s Eve, when seeking out an effective one-night glam solution.