Makeup Monday: This is How Taylor Schilling Got Her Golden Globes Highlights

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And other secrets learned from celebrity Hair Colorist Kari Hill, who also helps Anna Faris and Amy Poehler achieve their blond-bombshell tresses.

“It’s the year of the blond,” Says L’Oreal celebrity hair colorist Kari Hill.

At least it is for Hill, who creates varying shades of what she calls “sparkling blond” color for Taylor Schilling, Amy Poehler and Anna Faris. And leading up to this awards season, she was tasked with getting each actress to the perfect shade of golden, platinum or flaxen desired.

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Throw in the fact that most of these actresses can’t stray too far from their current hair color due to filming schedules, and Hill’s challenge of getting the stars from their character’s color (in Schilling’s case, lack of color due to her Orange Is the New Black prison persona’s dark roots) and ramping up TV blond to red-carpet radiant becomes something of an art form.

“With Anna we made sure her color was really, really bright,” says Hill of the Mom actress’ “delicate” hair. “The show likes her a more yellow color, but we wanted to make her look more special, more platinum, for awards season and the red carpet.” Hill took out some of the brassy hues from Faris’ hair by having the actress wash her hair with a purple shampoo and conditioner that help tone and highlight the blond color.

Hill likes L’Oreal’s new Ever Blonde Pure Shampoo and Conditioner because the lavender-colored formula is gentle on hair and can be used as a treatment and mask, particularly on Faris, who the hair colorist says has baby-fine strands. 

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“To get back to her color for the show, Anna can back up on using the purple shampoos and that will take her back to yellow,” says Hill. “Plus, I love it when there’s a product that I can use without chemicals.”

For Golden Globes co-host Poehler, Hill says that the comedienne will be “pulling back on the overall blond color,” with more contrast between light and dark hues throughout her hair.

“This year she will have the most contrast than she’s had in the past,” says Hill. “She likes to have her natural [color] showing and then some really bright pieces around the face, which I suggest as a pickup and more formal look, particularly since she was hosting. I also took into consideration that Amy will be changing her hair a lot throughout the show.”

Hill incorporated ribbons of highlights through the back of Poehler’s head, so the Parks and Recreation actress had a contrast between bright blond and her natural shade of dark blond.

For the brightness around the face, Hill delicately painted Poehler’s hairline from root to end using a light-handed balayage approach.

“I softly lift and brighten the hair around her face,” says Hill. “It gives the appearance you’ve been in the sun, brightens up the face and can give the illusion of overall lighter hair.”

“Taylor likes to be really blond, likes a pale, bright blond,” says Hill. “She rarely ever goes golden, because it doesn’t go with her skin tone. Where with Anna, she can carry off both. So can Amy actually. Taylor has more pink in her skin so cooler hair compliments her.”

Because Hill was coloring Schilling’s hair in a hotel room unequipped with a salon hair washing sink, she used a highlight kit (which readers can achieve at home using an at-home kit from L'Oreal) to wake up the OITNB actress’ natural hair color.

“Taylor is doing a play with Peter Dinklage,” says Hill. “So we have to stay along the same lines.”

Schilling wore her blond hair pulled back at the Golden Globes, looking like one of the most iconic blonds of all time — Grace Kelly.