'Making a Murderer' Prosecutor Bashed on Yelp

Making a Murderer Still - H 2015
Courtesy of Netflix

Making a Murderer Still - H 2015

Ken Kratz, whose 1985 conviction of Steven Avery for sexual assault was overturned 18 years later, resigned from his D.A. post amidst his own sex scandal and has received a fresh wave of negative attention from the Netflix docuseries, which began streaming 10 days ago.

The prosecutor in Netflix's true-crime docuseries Making a Murderer is getting trashed on Yelp as viewers learn about his role in Steven Avery's subsequently overturned sexual assault conviction.

The show, which began streaming on Dec. 18, has quickly become a hot topic online, leading to bad reviews for Ken Kratz's law firm's Yelp page.

The former district attorney, who resigned in 2014 when it was revealed that he had sent lewd text messages to the girlfriend of a man he was prosecuting for domestic abuse, prosecuted Avery, the main subject of the series, for sexual assault in 1985.

In 2003, after Avery served 18 years in prison, DNA evidence linked the crime to another suspect and Avery was released. Avery's lawyers alleged law enforcement planted evidence that led to his conviction. Two years after his conviction was overturned, however, Avery was arrested and subsequently convicted for another murder.

Today Kratz is a criminal defense lawyer in Wisconsin with his own shingle, Kratz Law Firm, which currently has a rating of only one-and-a-half stars on Yelp as people have flooded the business with scathing reviews now that he's returned to the spotlight with Making a Murderer.


One Los Angeles Yelp user posted on Kratz Law Firm's Yelp page, "Ken Kratz represents all that is WRONG in this world. He developed a FALSE narrative to jail two innocent men, Free Stephen Avery and Brendan Dassey, when really, he should be the one behind bars. He is the scum of the earth."

Another comment from Austin, Tex. reads, "Need a lawyer that broadcasts a manufactured confession to news casters in an attempt to presume guilt before a trial takes place?  Need a man who will lie and say certain investigators were not conducting searches, when in fact they were?  Need the kind of man that sexually harasses battered women he 'represents'?  Call Ken, he's possibly the most inept prosecutor of all time.  Crooked cops, he's got 'em, in the pocket forensics? Not a problem!"

Many of the comments focus their ire on Katz's sexting scandal.

"Mr. Kratz is a seasoned sexual harasser, with deep knowledge of abuse victims which he took advantage of," reads another comment. "He has a long experience in evidence fabrication, and has the required strategic thought skills to send innocent men to jail for forged crimes."

While the majority of the reviewers gave the law firm a one-star rating, a few commenters gave the former DA a seemingly sarcastic five stars. One of the enthusiastic reviews reads:

"Are you a victim of a sex crime in need of some self-esteem-enhancing sexts from an older affluent (by Wisconsin standards) mustachio-ed lothario? Are you a vindictive dirty cop who needs a charismatic prosecutor to help you put an innocent man in jail? Are you a developmentally disabled teen who needs some help fabricating a confession inflammatory enough to get you life in prison? Do you feel like the criminal justice system needs more perversion? Or even just more perverts?

If you answered "YES" to any one of these questions, then Ken Kratz is your man!"