Making the cut: Power 100 list criteria


The Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment Power 100 list is our annual ranking of influential female executives in Hollywood. Rankings reflect professional achievements, company role, financial and green-light responsibility and force of personality.

In ranking women for the Power 100, we considered the following criteria:

  What she has achieved this year. While a proven track record is a consideration, no Power 100 woman is allowed to coast on past accomplishments

  Each woman's position within her entertainment company (to whom she reports, how many employees report to her, and if she runs her own company or enjoys a stake in a larger corporation)

  Whether she has the power to greenlight projects. If not, how much influence she has with the person who has that power

  How much money she controls (and, by extension, how many people she hires or causes to be hired)

  Force of personality: how much impact she has on the industry around her

The purpose of this list is to highlight the achievements of female executives working in the entertainment industry. A committee of editors determined the names and ranks after thorough field research and evaluation of hundreds of submissions. We don't expect everyone to agree with us. In addition, because of shifts in executive positions and new names added to the list, some women might have dropped in ranking in the Power 100; that does not necessarily reflect a loss in power. Rankings are based on each woman's position at press time.