Making 'Queens' in the U.S.A.


Writing team and real-life couple David A. Lee and Daniel Vaillancourt have optioned the rights to the English-language remake of "Queens" from Warner Bros./Spain.

The story line in the 2005 Spanish-language feature known as "Reinas" in Europe revolves around five mothers who prepare for Spain's first legal mass wedding for same-sex couples. Manuel Gomez Pereira directed and Joaquin Oristrell and Yolanda Garcia Serrano wrote the original comedy.

Lee said the two had wanted to write the American version of "Queens" since viewing it at 2006 Outfest in Los Anegles. Vaillancourt said he expects the script to offer five substantial roles for older actresses.

"We think it's an ensemble piece that has 'crossover' written all over it," said Vaillancourt.

Lee and Vaillancourt, who were legally married in Canada in 2004, also are writing the feature adaptation of Neil Miller's 2002 nonfiction book "Sex-Crime Panic" for Funny Boy Films.

Their credits include MTV's "Undressed."

They are repped by attorneys Michael Donaldson and Lisa Callif.