Making sweet music at Toronto fest

Music supervisors busy scouting local bands

TORONTO -- The indie film market at the Toronto International Film Festival may be muted, but the music is blaring at the Hard Rock Cafe on Yonge Street as U.S. music supervisors scout local bands for possible film and TV soundtrack gigs.

In town for the Toronto International Film Festival's Canadian Music Cafe, John Bissell, head of Los Angeles-based Moth Light Music ("Lord of War"), already has shaken hands with local R&B singer Kreesha Turner to license a song for an episode of "Ugly Betty."

Other Canadian acts Bissell is looking to work with include Great Lake Swimmers and United Steelworkers of Montreal, who he heard at last year's Toronto film festival.

"They're still very much within my mental sphere, and could be used. This is all long-time stuff," he said.

In all, 15 acts will take the stage for festival media and delegates between now and Thursday.

The Toronto International Film Festival runs through Saturday.