Maksim Chmerkovskiy Apologizes for Dropping Kirstie Alley (Video)

Adam Taylor/ABC

"It will never happen again!" he Tweets after Monday's show.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy continues to apologize for dropping fan favorite Kirstie Alley on Dancing With the Stars Monday night.

"To all the fans...I'm sorry! It will never happen again and I will never 'fall'! To @kirstiealley You were..FLAWLESS! In more ways than one!" he wrote on Twitter after the show.

Alley apparently had no hard feelings. She Tweeted: "I salute u... U r a gladiator .... A champion... I'm honored to be your partner.

She also addressed her fans: "Thank u all for your support and your votes.... Sort of a beauty in Live TV... Because it's live... Anything can happen... gotta love it!!!!"

"There's something exciting about live TV," Alley said after the show. "I'm so scared because something can happen and now that it's happened I'm like, 'so what?'

On Good Morning America Tuesday, Chmerkovskiy explained that he experienced a pain "like a charley horse" before his leg gave out.

But don't expect him to bow out of the competition.

"It's sore. It's fine. It's not a pain that's going to stop me," he said.

"What makes me most uncomfortable," he went on, "is that I want to be the backbone, but I want to be in the shadows. This talked-about moment takes away from Hines [Ward] and Petra [Nemcova] doing their incredible performances. Even from Kirstie.That's why I feel a little awkward."

Alley and Chmerkovskiy earned a 21/30 for their rumba Monday.