Malaga Film Festival Executive Director Fired

Citing a "lack of trust," festival director dismisses Franjo Parejo from Spain's leading Spanish film festival.

MADRID - Malaga's Spanish Film Festival director Carmelo Romero fired the executive director Franjo Parejo and the general coordinator Antonio Luque this week, citing a "complete lack of trust" in the two men.

Romero said the decision had less to do with shady dealings, than with a "lack of information about managerial procedures taking place and that decision making was not duly confirmed."

The move comes after allegations that an audit into the general accounts for the 2010 edition of the festival  showed irregularities.

But Romero specifically told Spanish media "there's no treasury problem," and highlighted general lack of liquidity due to only three sources of financing and the fact that the audit was approved by the festival's board without any votes against.

Romero's own contract is due for renewal at the end of the month. This week he suggested he would be open to continuing in his post atop Spain's spring platform for the launch of homegrown product.