Malia Obama's Arrival at Harvard Caused a Courtyard Scene

This is what happens when you have a cool dad.

Getting dropped off at college for the start of freshman year is a rite of passage, a chance for the baby bird to finally spread its wings and leave the nest. 

But for Malia Obama, it was more of a frenzy. 

The former First Kid, who, like Brooklyn Beckham, is leaving her famous fam behind this fall in the pursuit of higher knowledge, was greeted by a mob of students eager to meet their classmate — but more urgently, their classmate's presidential dad. To a bunch of Ivy League students — many with political ambitions of their own — a former president is basically a rock star.

With Barack and Michelle Obama in tow, Malia arrived at the Harvard campus along with the rest of the class of 2021 to begin her first year at the renowned college, which is also where both of her parents earned their law degrees. 

Social media was peppered with amateur paparazzi-level photos of the Obamas settling the 19-year-old into her freshman dorm on campus. Malia took a gap year after finishing high school to take an internship with Harvey Weinstein.

According to a reporter for the Boston Globe, Malia politely declined an interview regarding her move-in process, but shook his hand respectfully. She was later seen mingling with fellow students, presumably those who hadn't tweeted about trying to be her best friend. Many of Obama's fans are hoping that actress/activist Yara Shahidi, also headed to Harvard this fall, will fill the BFF role.

The First Children — both past and present — of the United States have been making headlines in recent days. Just as the Bush daughters expressed compassion and support of the Obama girls in an open letter this year, Chelsea Clinton recently came to the defense of Barron Trump after a media outlet scrutinized the 11-year-old's fashion choices.