Golden Globes Style Preview: Malone Souliers, Pat McGrath Offer New Collections

Elizabeth Chambers Hammer - the Launch of the Malone Souliers Red Carpet Capsule Collection - Getty - Split - H 2019
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Insiders predict brightly colored gowns and less-is-more makeup will be on show: "It's this rebirth. People are having so much more fun and they don't really care what people think anymore," says Elizabeth Chambers Hammer.

Hollywood's glitziest time of the year is here. As awards season continues with the first major ceremony of 2020, Sunday's Golden Globes, fashion and beauty brands are offering new lines of customizable and red carpet-ready accessories with the hopes of landing them on A-listers.

On Thursday, Pat McGrath Labs (which worked with Ava DuVernay, Gwyneth Paltrow and Indya Moore for the 2019 Emmys) debuted its Golden Opulence Collection with lip gloss trios ($25) and a six-pan eyeshadow palette ($65) featuring glam warm tones — ranging from glittering golds and pinks to matte browns — in limited-edition packaging.

The brand teased, “Be on the lookout this weekend to see the new collection on the Golden Globes red carpet.” 

Also keep your eyes open for footwear by the London-based brand Malone Souliers, which launched its Red Carpet Capsule Collection in October with a Los Angeles party hosted by Elizabeth Chambers Hammer, the TV host and Bird Bakery founder who is married to Armie Hammer. All styles are sold in white, ready to be custom-dyed to match an awards show gown or suit.

"It elevates anything," Chambers Hammer tells The Hollywood Reporter. "Everything ends and begins with the shoes." As for what to pair it with, the mom of two says, "I love structure. I love classic tailoring and I also love a little bit of unexpected twist." She adds, "So much of style is how you're feeling in the moment. ... It should be a fluid expression of where you are at that moment in your life, every day." 

Chambers Hammer reflects on the changes in red carpet style in the past five years, noting the all-black Golden Globes in 2018. "Now people are really emerging and coming out of their shells a little bit. I think we went through a moment of a major shift in this industry, and we had to reflect that in our wardrobe and rightfully so. But now I think that the pendulum is swinging and it's this emergence. It's this rebirth. People are having so much more fun and they don't really care what people think anymore. There was a time where you didn't want to do something too extreme. You didn't want to experiment with your makeup, but why not?" she says. "All we have to really answer to is ourselves and have fun."

Founder Mary Alice Malone tells THR that the line includes mostly sandals, because it's made for a sunny L.A. crowd. "Shoes take longer to make than most dresses, and it's really hard to magically know what people are going to want to wear on the red carpet, so this was our way of being like, 'Oh right. We can just dye everything to match,'" she says. "There's so much manicuring and pedicuring and everything that goes into it that they're, like, not humans anymore."

Malone explains that awards show dresses are "not just about being pretty now," adding, "The dresses are really about how it speaks of the woman wearing it. And I feel like things have kind of switched. ... They are women with power, so now it's trying to dress the power."

The designer predicts that more men will follow the peacocking lead of Timothee Chalamet, Billy Porter and Donald Glover by embracing her embellished and sequined shoes. "We love that men are really coming into the fashion thing and they're playing a lot more," Malone says. "Men are starting to get more confident and comfortable that they dictate their own fashion." 

Meanwhile, Randi Wood of L.A.'s Entre Nous Showroom (whose pieces have been worn by Chelsea Peretti and Paris Jackson) says that actresses and execs pulling items ahead of the Globes are opting for elaborate over classic. "Styles are really skewing to the super feminine or glamorous side i.e. ribbons, lace and sequins rather than classic, simple lines," Wood tells THR.

That's all to say that fans can expect the Globes red carpet to show off bright colors, more peacocking and a "do whatever I want" attitude. The Golden Globes will be held Sunday at the Beverly Hilton, hosted by Ricky Gervais

Updated on Jan. 3 at 11:45 a.m.