Malta Looking for International Partner for Film Studios

By the Sea Still - H 2015
Courtesy of Universal Pictures

By the Sea Still - H 2015

The government of the Southern European island country wants a "strategic partner to enter into a long-term collaboration."

The government of Malta said Thursday it was looking for proposals to "construct, redevelop, maintain, manage and operate" the Malta Film Studios.

It said the southern European island country was looking for a "strategic partner to enter into a long-term collaboration with the government."

The facility, formerly known as Mediterranean Film Studios, has been managed by the government on an interim basis. It had been privatized in the mid-1990s, but a judge ordered its most recent owner to vacate the land after years of litigation with the government, which said he defaulted on rent payments. 

It is known for its water tanks with natural ocean-view as a backdrop, which have been used for such films as Orca, Cutthroat Island and White Squall.

The government said that it was looking for investment "in the existing water facilities as well as further investments in the circa 94,000-square-meter site and the construction of one or more soundstages, bringing the Malta Film Studio up to an international state-of-the-art film facility.‎" The Malta Film Studios have been in operation since 1964 and are considered one of the largest film facilities in the Mediterranean, it said.

Deadline for submissions is Dec. 15.

Malta offers a 27-percent production rebate on eligible costs. The basic rate is 25 percent plus an additional 2 percent for productions with a Maltese cultural element. Among films with big-name talent that shot in Malta are By the Sea, written and directed by Angelina Jolie and starring her and Brad Pitt; The Promise, with Christian Bale; Captain Phillips and The Da Vinci Code.