Malthe takes 'BloodRayne 2' lead


TORONTO -- Natassia Malthe will play the lead character of Rayne in the vampire action movie "BloodRayne 2," with Germany's Uwe Boll returning to the helm, Canadian producer Brightlight Pictures said Monday.

Vancouver-based Brightlight said Malthe, who appeared in 2005's "Elektra," will headline the sequel to the first video game adaptation "BloodRayne," which saw Boll at the helm and Kristanna Loken as the franchise's main protagonist.

The DVD release for "BloodRayne" was notable for including the Majesco Entertainment video game that inspired the movie franchise.

Shawn Williamson and Daniel Clarke ("The Long Weekend") will share producer credits on "BloodRayne 2," which was penned by Christopher Donaldson and Neil Every. The sequel, which features vampires fighting in the Wild West, will be shot in and around Vancouver this fall.