'Mamma Gogo' is Icelandic Oscar contender

Fridrik Thor Fridriksson's autobiographical black comedy

ZURICH -- Fridrik Thor Fridriksson's "Mamma Gogo," an autobiographical black comedy looking at two personal tragedies – the director's mother succumbing to Alzheimer's and Iceland's economic meltdown -- will represent Iceland in the 2011 Oscar race.

Fridriksson received a Foreign Language Oscar nomination in 1992 for his drama "Children of Nature," the only time an Icelandic film has been so honored.

The director makes ironic reference to "Children" and the Academy Awards in "Mamma Gogo." The hero is a struggling filmmaker whose feature, "Children of Nature," is a box office flop. He pushes to get it nominated for the Foreign Language Oscar, hoping that will revive its fortunes. At the same time, his elderly mother has been diagnosed with dementia and he has to decide whether to institutionalize her.

"Mamma Gogo" had its international premiere at the Toronto Film Festival.

On Jan. 18, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences will pick the shortlist of Best Foreign Language Film contenders. The final five nominees will be announced Jan.25. The 2011 Oscars will be awarded in Los Angeles on Feb. 27.