Oh, 'Mamma!' Uni tops in U.K.

Musical drives No. 1 finish in territory; Indy brings Par in at No. 2

Universal Pictures International claimed the crown as the U.K.'s No. 1 distributor in 2008 on the back of a slew of hits, the biggest of them "Mamma Mia!" which secured £67.9 million ($100.8 million), according to Nielsen.

Overall, the territory's 2008 boxoffice hit £952 million ($1.4 billion), up from £905 million in 2007.

UPI, Universal's overseas distribution arm, took £176.6 million ($262.1 million) for the year, an 18.5% market share. It outgunned nearest rival Paramount Pictures International, which finished with £161 million ($239 million), good for a 16.9% market share.

PPI's best performer was "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," which whipped up £40 million ($59.4 million) at the U.K. boxoffice.

In third was Sony Pictures International, which secured a 12.5% market share and a respectable £119.2 million ($177 million). SPI's best boxoffice showing was by "Quantum of Solace," which bonded with audiences to the tune of £50.7 million ($75.3 million).

Warner Bros. landed at No. 4 with an 11% market share and a £105.1 million ($156 million) boxoffice tally. "The Dark Knight" proved Warners' top release, earning £48.7 million ($72.3 million).

Rounding out last year's top five is Walt Disney Studios International, which secured a 9.9% market share and £94.7 million ($140.3 million), with "WALL-E" leading the way with £22.8 million ($33.8 million).

Fox took a 9.4% market share and £89.7 million ($133.1 million), with "Juno" fast-talking its way to £9.7 million ($14.4 million), the data show.

Entertainment Film Distributors again was the top indie in the territory, grabbing an 8% market share and £75.9 million ($112.5 million). Its best performance came from "Sex and the City," which sashayed to £26.4 million ($39.2 million). (partialdiff)
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