Man charged with arson in Warner Bros. crash

Police found flammable liquid, ignition devices and fake gun

BURBANK, Calif. -- A man who crashed a car allegedly carrying flammable liquids through a gate at the Warner Bros. Studios near Los Angeles has been charged with attempted arson.

Forty-three year-old Michael Angel Rodriguez-Cintron was charged Tuesday with two counts of possessing a flammable material and attempting to burn. He remains jailed Wednesday.

Authorities say he was arrested Friday after plowing a Camaro through a wooden gate arm and driving around the studio backlot in Burbank.

Police say they found bottles of flammable liquid, ignition devices and a fake gun in the car.

Sgt. Robert Quesada tells the Los Angeles Daily News that the man felt he was slighted by the studio, possibly over a script, but investigators don't know if the complaint is legitimate.
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