Man Charged With Murder in Malibu Camp Site Shooting

Malibu Suspect-Screengrab-H 2018

Prosecutors charged Anthony Rauda with one count of murder in the death of Tristan Beaudette.

A man arrested last October after an attempted burglary was charged Monday for a string of unexplained shootings around Malibu Creek State Park and Las Virgenes Road dating back to November 2016, including one in which a father of two small children was killed.

Prosecutors charged Anthony Rauda, 42, with one count of murder in the death of Tristan Beaudette, 35, a pharmaceutical scientist from Irvine who was killed with one shot to head while camping with his two daughters, 2 and 4, on June 22 of last year. 

Rauda was also charged with 10 additional counts of attempted murder relating to a string of shootings dating back to 2016. 

In one incident, a hiker, James Rogers, was sleeping in a hammock in Malibu Creek State Park and woke to find his arm had been peppered with buckshot.

In another, Melissa Tatangelo was sleeping in her car when she was woken by a loud noise. The next morning she discovered what looked like a shotgun round rattling around in her trunk and reported it to the police, who told her someone had fired a gun into the car at close range, perhaps as close as a few feet. 

Police arrested Rauda after discovering him near the scene of a burglary in Calabasas. Rauda was carrying a rifle and prosecutors say police established a forensic link tying the rifle Rauda was carrying to the shootings. In Beaudette’s case, prosecutors say the rifle was capable of firing the type of 9mm round that killed Beaudette.

Rauda was also charged with five burglary related counts and, according to media reports, police believe he may be responsible for a decade’s worth of crimes up and down the Pacific coast.