'Man on a Ledge' Cast Sound Off on First Time Filmmaker, Asger Leth (Video)

Sam Worthington and Elizabeth Banks star in the Summit thriller, due in theaters on Jan. 27.

With just one documentary, 2006’s Ghosts of Cite Soleil, to his credit, director Asger Leth will make the leap into studio films with Summit’s action thriller Man on a Ledge.

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter at the film’s press junket, stars Sam Worthington, Edward Burns and Anthony Mackie discussed working with Leth on the set, and how they were able to adapt to his directing style.

VIDEO: 'Man on a Ledge' Trailer

“Asger is very free flowing,” said the film’s lead, Worthington. “He’d done a documentary before this, so he just lets things run. He’ll just put a camera on it and let it run.” In the film, Worthington plays cop-turned-fugitive Nick Cassidy, who was accused of a crime he claims to be innocent of. He steps out on the ledge of a New York City high rise, where Elizabeth Banks’ police psychologist character is summoned to investigate just what motives are behind the risky move.

“Asger is a very smart director, he’s an actor’s director,” added Mackie, who plays Nick’s best friend in the film. “He’s character driven, focused and really precise when it comes to the story that he wants to tell.”

“He’s not the type of director where you get on set and he’s re-writing the story and adding characters and all this craziness to try and make the movie work,” he continued. “He came on set knowing that the movie he had worked and he knew how to make it work. So he just shot what he had and he went in the editing room and made it work.”

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Jamie Bell, who pulls off an impressive diamond heist in the film, joked, “He’s a nutter! But he’s great.” Bell spent the majority of his time on-set working with newcomer Genesis Rodriguez, who portrays his girlfriend.

“[Leth] was great. Very collaborative, gave us a lot of room to sort of find different moments within the scenes,” said Burns, who most recently took his own spin in the director’s chair for Newlyweds. “I mean, that’s the kind of filmmaker I am, I encourage my actors to collaborate with me, and I was happy that Asger was that kind of filmmaker as well.”

Man on a Ledge hits theaters nationwide on Jan. 27. Watch the video clip above for more from the actors, and stay tuned as THR continues to roll out additional content from the film’s junket.