Man Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison for Plotting to Kill Singer Joss Stone

Ian Gavan/Getty Images
Joss Stone

Junior Bradshaw, 32, has been found guilty of plotting to murder and rob the soul singer.

Exeter Crown Court has sentenced Manchester resident Junior Bradshaw, 32, to 18 years in prison after he was found guilty of plotting to murder and rob singer Joss Stone at her Devon home in 2011. Bradshaw had denied the charges.

According to the BBC, Bradshaw and 35-year-old Kevin Liverpool were accused of attempting to murder the singer after the pair were found with a body bag and a slew of weapons including a Samurai sword, two hammers and knives.

Though Liverpool and Bradshaw were found guilty by the court three months ago, Bradshaw’s sentencing had been delayed for psychiatric reports.

Doctors concluded that Bradshaw did not require hospital treatment for his schizophrenia and mental impairment. Additionally, the presiding judge at Exeter Crown Court said that Bradshaw’s low IQ of 65 did not impair his understanding of his criminal actions.

While the court previously sentenced Liverpool to life in prison with a minimum term of 10 years and eight months, they granted Bradshaw a shorter sentence based on his being a recruited “foot soldier” by Liverpool, who was the force behind the plot to murder Stone.