'Man of Steel' Gets Release Date in China

Man of Steel Henry Cavill as Clarke Kent in Field - H 2013
Warner Bros. Pictures

Man of Steel Henry Cavill as Clarke Kent in Field - H 2013

Warner Bros.' Superman franchise reboot will be the only Hollywood blockbuster to unspool in the country this month.

HONG KONG -- Man of Steel will be released on mainland China on June 20, according to the newly unveiled release schedule from the country’s state-owned distribution agency.

According to an update on the website of China Film Group Digital Cinema Line Co.-- the China Film Group subsidiary responsible for the distribution of films in the country – Warner Bros.' Superman reboot is slated for a monthlong run in Chinese cinemas.

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With the run of Star Trek Into Darkness expected to be drawing to a close by then -- J.J. Abrams’ Paramount-backed blockbuster opened May 28 -- and Keanu Reeves’ Sino-U.S. co-production Man of Tai Chi making its bow July 5, Man of Steel is in a prime position to sweep the Chinese box office for the first two weeks of its run.

Not that the film will enjoy an unfettered run in the country, though: The Jet Li-starring, Hong Kong-set action comedy-thriller Badges of Fury will give the film a run for its money when it opens June 28. Another much-hyped release to open at the end of June will be Tiny Times, the latest in a long line of nostalgia-tinged rite-of-passage dramas that has become a very profitable genre in the country, as shown by Vicki Zhao’s So Young and Peter Chan’s American Dreams in China.

Man of Steel opens in the U.S. and U.K. on June 14, with the film debuting in Hong Kong -- which operates an independent distribution and exhibition system from mainland China -- on June 27.

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After Earth and Fast & Furious 6 are tentatively scheduled for release in China in July, alongside Pacific Rim, Monsters University and Despicable Me 2, according to the latest lineup on the unofficial but much-visited film portal douban.com. Release dates in China are generally set by China Film Group rather than the movie’s producers or theater operators themselves.