Man Who Was Superman

A tragicomedy about a crazed hero falls flat on humor, but a certain warm humanity remains.

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A TV producer gets on the case of a man who goes around being a Good Samaritan while claiming that he is Superman sans power due to Kryptonite in his brain. As she uncovers more about his past, she realizes that he has been linked to tragedies on both personal and national levels. "Superman" satirizes the callousness of modern society, and expounds the traditional moral that by helping others, anyone can get in touch with the superman (or wonder woman) inside.

Jeon Yoon-chul, who directed the earthy domestic comedy "Skeletons in the Closet," is a little out of his depth in this big CJ Entertainment production about a man who thinks he is superman. Even having Asian sweetheart Gianna Jun (a.k.a. Jun Ji-hyun of "My Sassy Girl," "Windstruck") and respected Korean actor Hwang Jeon-min ("Happiness," "You are My Sunshine") as leads couldn't rescue the film from bombing at the domestic boxoffice. Actually, Jeon penned a fine script, and as inane slapstick and poorly integrated fantasy/dream sequences give way to serious drama midway, performances as well as thematic development actually take a turn for the better. It packs an emotional punch at the final climax, but as if unable to leave it at that, it goes on for another five to 10 minutes with reductive scenes that overstay their screen time.