Mance Media to Release L.A. Film Fest Winner, Movie With 'Game of Thrones' Actress (Exclusive)

Lily & Kat - H 2014
Courtesy of Mance Media

Also on tap is a documentary from executive producer Peter Berg

Distribution company Mance Media has announced its 2015 release slate, which includes a recent festival winner and a romantic dramedy starring a Game of Thrones actress.

Among Mance's offerings is The Young Kieslowski, releasing July 24. The comedy from director Kerem Sanga won the audience award for best narrative film at the 2014 Los Angeles Film Festival. It focuses on a couple in college that hooks up and soon learn they're about to become the parents of twins.

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Lily & Kat, which is set for a March 20 release, stars Game of Thrones' Hannah Murray in the story of two best friends who are trying to enjoy their last few days in New York together when an artist takes an interest in one of them. Micael Preysler directed.

The company's full slate can be seen below.

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Title: The Truth About You

U.S. Release Date: 01/27/15

Genre: Comedy

Total Running Time: 80 minutes

Logline: A little honesty never hurt anyone…until now

Starring: Aimee-Lynn Chadwick (A Cinderella Story), Kasia Pilewicz (America’s Next Top Model), Jon Robert Hall (Glee, Tarzan, Oz the Great and Powerful)

Directed By: Andrea Fellers


Title: Listen

U.S. Release Date: 02/06/15

Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama

TRT: 90 minutes

Logline: A young man obsessed with music who has a hard time connecting to people accidentally discovers that everyone has music within them. Shocked to find this he uses his discovery to finally find harmony with others and his own true love.

Starring: Joshua Mikel (We’re the Millers, Million Dollar Arm), Sergio Soltero, Zac Pullam (Finding Carter)

Directed By: F.C. Rabbath


Title: The Toy Soldiers

U.S. VOD Release Date: 02/14/15

Genre: Drama

TRT: 145 minutes

Logline: On one evening in a decade of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, the innocence of youth and family unravels.

Starring: Najarra Townsend (Me and You and Everyone We Know, Contracted), Chandler Rylko (Not Another Celebrity Movie), Constance Brenneman (Love & Other Drugs), Samuel Nolan (Last Call with Carson Daly), Nick Frangione (Strapped), Jeanette May Steiner (Delivered)

Directed By: Erik Peter Carlson


Title: Lily & Kat

U.S. Release Date: 03/20/15

Genre: Drama, Comedy

TRT: 89 minutes

Logline: Inseparable best friends struggle to make the best of their last few days together, savoring the New York nightlife with an enigmatic artist to whom one of them takes a liking.

Starring: Hannah Murray (Game of Thrones, Dark Shadows, Skins), Jessica Rothe (Hot Flashes), Jack Falahee (How to Get Away With Murder, Rage)

Directed By: Micael Preysler


Title: Warriors of the Mongkon

U.S. Release Date: 04/10/15

Genre: Sports, Documentary

TRT: 104 minutes

Logline: Come on a journey with us as we travel around Australia and Thailand and see what it takes to practice and compete in one of the most brutal martial arts of all time: Muay Thai.

Directed By: Owen Rennie


Title: With a Kite

U.S. Release Date: 05/01/15

Genre: Sports, Documentary

TRT: 80 minutes

Logline: Groundbreaking documentary With a Kite takes an inside look at the growing sport of kiteboarding through the lives and lifestyles of a group of core pro riders against the backdrop of one of the sport’s most respected competitions, the Triple-S Invitational. 

Starring: Sir Richard Branson, Davey Blair, Billy Parker, Jason Slezak

Directed By: Adam Boozer, Time Tewell


Title: Trophy Kids

U.S. Release Date: 06/05/15

Genre: Sports, Documentary

TRT: 89 minutes

Logline: From executive producer Peter Berg, Trophy Kids is an innovative documentary film that digs into complex and multi-layered themes in sports, and explores their relationship to larger society.

Directed By: Chris Bell (Bigger, Stronger, Faster*)

Executive Produced By: Peter Berg


Title: The Young Kieslowski

U.S. Release Date: 07/24/15

Genre: Comedy

TRT: 95 minutes

Logline: Two brainy and awkward virgins hook up (drunkenly), fall in love (maybe), and get pregnant (twins).

Starring: Ryan Malgarini (Freaky Friday), Haley Lu Richardson (Ravenswood), Joshua Malina (Scandal, The West Wing, A Few Good Men)

Directed By: Kerem Sanga

Produced By: Danny Leiner (Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle)


Title: The Factory

U.S. Release Date: 10/09/15

Genre: Horror, Thriller

TRT: 91 minutes

Logline: When a realtor shows an old New York factory building to a group of would-be investors, they are unwittingly caught in its tragic and sinister history.

Starring: Azura Skye (American Horror Story, Bandits, 28 Days), Bill Sage (American Psycho, Precious, Boardwalk Empire), Taylor Gildersleeve (Gossip Girl, All My Children), Caleb Long

Directed By: Dena Hysell


Title: 3:13

U.S. Release Date: 11/16/15

Genre: Drama

TRT: 75 minutes

Logline: From living a normal life to surviving homelessness in the city of Miami, Peter is a victim of the turbulent U.S. recession during late 2000's. A drama based on true events.

Starring: Paul Alexandro (America’s Most Wanted), Celina Beach (Rock of Ages), Ilana Isaacson, Tatum Freeman

Directed By: David Jaure