Mandy Moore Eats Dim-Sum Style at Gunshow | Where Hollywood Eats, Atlanta

'Where Hollywood Eats' takes you into the kitchens of the most buzzed about restaurants in the country.

When visiting Atlanta's "boundary-pushing" restaurant Gunshow, guests can expect the unexpected. This intense, fast-paced restaurant feels more rock show then dining room. "You're literally in the cook's kitchen," Gunshow chef Joey Ward says. "It's fast and furious and exhilarating."

With a high-energy environment and a menu that takes the rules of conventional dining and turns them on their heads, it's no wonder that celebrities like Mindy Kaling and Mandy Moore flock to this Atlanta hot spot to get their fixes of southern food.

"We actually get quite a good deal of celebrities that come through," Ward tells THR. "We call it 'Y'allywood' here, and it's very interesting to me that they come here because there are no walls, no private corner — it's very exposed, and they have a great time."

Offering a "dim-sum style" service, Gunshow keeps the energy alive with "comically short hours" and an ever-changing menu curated weekly by the cooks.

"The only rules that we have are No. 1: It has to be delicious; No. 2: We try to utilize as much local product as possible and local farms seasonally," Ward says. "They've created this so they're bringing it out with passion and pride, and they're saying, 'This is me on a plate.' That's what's beautiful about this restaurant."

After opening its doors five years ago, Gunshow has been "pushing the boundaries of what 'southern food' is actually considered" and has been a top destination spot for Atlanta.

"The best part about witnessing what happens during a service at Gunshow is the interaction between the guests about the food and about the experience," Ward says. "Everyone gathered around the table for meals as families, as human beings, and to be a part of someone's memory in that moment really makes me proud to be a chef."