Mane Events: Hairstylist Guido Palau Rules the Paris Runways

Guido Palau Hair Style - H 2013
Courtesy of L'Oreal

Guido Palau Hair Style - H 2013

Best known for creating the look in George Michael’s supermodel-filled “Freedom” video, Palau created many of Paris Fashion Week’s most memorable beauty moments, too.

Paris Fashion Week’s front rows may have been filled to the brim with celebrities this season, but there are plenty of behind-the-scenes superstars who bring the shows to life.

Stylist Guido Palau is one of those infinitely important players. And this season, the Redken creative consultant was responsible for creating a plenitude of the hair looks we saw on the runways.

At red-carpet favorite Valentino, Palau created a smooth side-braid, secured with a black headband — a style we can imagine on Zooey Deschanel or Shailene Woodley

“She's a simple young girl but she still has style, and every girl can relate to it, which makes it more personal, even intimate, and also reflects the appeal of the brand itself,” Palau told THR about the look.

For fashion-insider favorite Celine, the look was a low-but-voluminous ponytail. It was cool, but relaxed enough for real life. “What gives it its 'fashion edge' is how I doubled the ponytail over in the elastic so it's shorter,” he said. “It's also very dramatic from the front because it’s all straight back and away from face.”

While Palau’s pin-curl wigs covered in pearl-adorned headpieces at Alexander McQueen were far from wearable, they were memorable -- and stunning against the brand’s dramatic, Elizabethan-inspired gowns.

“This hairstyle is one to support the look of the show, it's not specifically just the hair itself that should be highlighted here,” he said. “You really have to think about the hair as it fits in with the masks, the collection, and the overall end result the designer envisioned."