Mane Monday: Adam Pally's Go-To Grooming Advice

Courtesy of Adam Pally
Adam Pally

Hint: Don't smell bad.

When it comes to Adam Pally's starring roles, we’re used to a little scruff. As Max Blum in Happy Endings, Dr. Peter Prentice in The Mindy Project or as a slightly cleaner, shaved high school counselor in the upcoming Sundance Selects romantic comedy Slow Learners, Pally keeps his grooming routine simple. Basically, don’t smell bad.

In honor of Father’s Day this Sunday, we tapped the actor, writer and father of two toddlers, to share his philosophy on hair, shaving and hipster beards.

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What is your grooming philosophy?

My grooming philosophy is to try not to smell bad as much as you can. If you can smell nice, it's a bonus, but let's not beat ourselves up if we can just not smell bad.

The comeback of unruly hipster beards — yay or nay? 

Hipster beards, sure why not, who cares?

Mustache trend — yay or nay?

Hipster mustache? Go for it.

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What's the most memorable/embarrassing hairstyle you've ever rocked?

I've had every bad hairstyle in the biz. Blonde tips in college were pretty gnarly, but the faux hawk out of college sucked too. 

Briefly describe your grooming routine. List the must-have products.

My grooming routine usually goes by what job I have. Otherwise, I'm a pretty much get out of the shower, use cancerous deodorant a little, Kiehl’s pomade if my hair is short or I'm going someplace fancy, but most likely I’ll just leave the house with wet hair.

Who taught you to shave? 

My mom taught me to shave with the razor she used on her legs. I still use a women's razor because I'm a little sensitive baby.

How are you spending Father's Day this year?

I'm guessing Father's Day will be spent being a dad which is what all this is I guess. I chose this and can't let myself forget that.