Mane Monday: The Scoop on Kylie Jenner's Gold Hair Tattoos

Kylie Hair Tattoo - H 2015
Courtesy of Scunci

Kylie Hair Tattoo - H 2015

The perfect accessory for a "dope blunt haircut."

Leave it to the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan to be the most interesting beauty influencer. From her nails to, um, her lips, to her ever-evolving hair streaks and length, no doubt beauty is a big part of why millions of social media hawks love scrolling through her feed.

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Like most teens, Kylie Jenner loves to switch up her look: The latest change — strips of gold hair tattoos adorning her new short 'do — is a style she’s dubbed “a dope blunt haircut” on her social app of choice, Snapchat.

The “tattoos” are from hair accessory brand Scunci and work on the hair and the skin. According to the brand, Jenner was sent some of the product to try and was then spotted wearing them on her jet-black bob during a photo shoot at her home.

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Each strip is applied to the hair just like a temporary tattoo is to the skin — only these will probably highlight flyaways and bed head a whole lot more.

These glittery gold designs seem like a great idea to try around the holidays. But by then, Jenner will have moved on to a new beauty trend, or three, so there’s no obvious copycatting. Though, with the way she's having a mega effect on beauty, it may not be such a bad thing.