Manfredi upped in NBC Uni sales


Frances Manfredi has been upped to executive vp/general sales manager for cable and nontheatrical sales at NBC Universal's domestic distribution unit.

Manfredi, who had been senior vp cable sales since 2005, will continue to oversee all cable, airline and nontheatrical sales for NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution. In her previous role, she licensed many NBC primetime series to cable networks -- including the recent off-net sales of "The Office," "Heroes" and "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" -- as well as several Universal movie packages.

Manfredi, who is based in New York, joined NBC in 2001, serving as senior vp cable sales at NBC Enterprises before segueing into a role at the domestic distribution division. She will continue to report to division president Barry Wallach.

"Frances is a tremendous leader and continues to be one of the top sales executives in our industry," he said. "In an environment that is continuously changing, she has remained a true constant because of her innovative dealmaking."

For her part, Manfredi said she wants to orchestrate "super creative" deals, including exploring new opportunities in digital media.

"I am truly excited by the future prospects for domestic distribution," Manfredi said. "New media platforms are emerging in almost all of our deals and dovetailing nicely with traditional distribution strategy. It will be fascinating to continue to explore this new frontier."

Manfredi added that Universal has had a "banner year" with its films, including the recently released "American Gangster." She said she's in the midst of working on sales proposals for various movies that she'll be taking out in the marketplace soon and is working on finishing up some other deals, though she declined to give specific titles. As for television, she's looking at various primetime series that are coming down the pike for syndication but said "nothing is (just) around the corner in terms of going out to the marketplace."

Before joining NBC, Manfredi worked in various positions at CBS Inc., which she joined in 1990. She worked her way up the ranks to hold positions that included vp domestic cable sales and special markets.