Manitoba raises bar on Canada tax credits


TORONTO -- The province of Manitoba on Thursday raised its domestic film production tax credit to 65%, the country's highest.

Manitoba also doubled its frequent filming bonus for foreign, mostly U.S. producers, to 10%.

Other changes introduced include a new 5% Manitoba producer bonus for movies where a local resident receives a producer credit.

The changes in the tax credits, which allow domestic and foreign producers to offset labor costs on movies and TV shows when they are shot locally, will apply to projects that began principal photography after Dec. 31.

The provincial government said that the tax credit changes aim to increase training of Manitoba talent and technical crews by foreign producers or Canadian producers from rival provinces that shoot their projects locally.

Manitoba, like other Canadian provinces, has seen the number of U.S. location shoots fall in recent years due to a surging Canadian dollar and competition from rival locales, which includes U.S. southern states and Eastern Europe.