Mar de Plata Film Fest Unveils Lineup

Courtesy of TIFF

Pablo Larraín's Oscar bid 'Neruda' will open the only A class festival in Latin America.

Argentina's Mar del Plata Film Festival, one of the oldest and most important film events in Latin America, announced its lineup on Tuesday at a press conference led by festival president José Martínez Saárez, artistic director Fernando M. Pena and government officials.

Running Nov. 18-27 and featuring Pablo Larrain's Chilean Oscar bid Neruda as this edition's opening film, the only A class festival in Latin America confirmed its goal to become "the world's beacon for Latin American cinema," according to Alejandro Cacetta, head of the Argentine Film Institute.

Mar del Plata's extensive program will present more than 300 films, spread across its three main competitions — international, Latin American and Argentine thematic sections — and several focuses on international art house filmmakers such as Wang Bing (Bitter Money), Pierre Leon and Masao Adachi.

The fest's international guest list includes French auteur Olivier Assayas (Personal Shopper), who will present a retrospective of his work; legendary cinematographer Vittorio Storaro (Apocalypse Now, Last Tango in Paris); and American film critic Jonathan Rosenbaum, who will head the international competition's jury.

The festival also will present the second edition of its regional industry sidebar, LoboLab, which joins a selection of young producers and directors with film professionals from Europe and Latin America.

The competitions' lineups are listed below.

International Competition

The Future Perfect (Argentina, 2016, 65 minutes) – Nele Wohlatz
Hermia & Helena (Argentina-USA, 2016, 87 minutes) – Matias Pineiro
Aquarius (Brazil, 2016, 142 minutes) – Kleber Mendonça Filho
Era el cielo (Brazil, 2016, 102 minutes) – Marco Dutra
The Blind Christ (Chile, 2016, 85 minutes) – Christopher Murray
The Reconquest (Spain, 2016, 107 minutes) – Jonas Trueba
Moonlight (USA, 2016, 111 minutes) – Barry Jenkins
Nocturama (France, 2016, 130 minutes) – Bertrand Bonello
Free Fire (U.K.-France, 2016, 90 minutes) – Ben Wheatley
People That Are Not Me (Israel, 2016, 80 minutes) – Hadas Ben Aroya
Scarred Hearts (Romania, 2016, 141 minutes) – Radu Jude
Paradise (Russia-Germany, 2016, 131 minutes) – Andreí Konchalovsky

Latin American Competition

Cuatreros (Argentina, 2016, 83 minutes) – Albertina Carri
The Human Surge (Argentina-Brazil-Portugal, 2016, 97 minutes) – Eduardo “Teddy” Williams
Nehuen Puyelli's Sacrifice (Argentina, 2016, 88 minutes) – Jose Celestino Campusano
Kékszakállú (Argentina, 2016, 72 minutes) – Gaston Solnicki
Martírio (Brazil, 2016, 162 minutes) – Vincent Carelli, Tatiana Almeida and Ernesto De Carvalho
Jesús (Chile, 2016, 86 minutes) – Fernando Guzzoni
Espejuelos oscuros (Cuba, 2016, 96 minutes) – Jessica Rodríguez Sanchez
This Time Tomorrow (Colombia-Canada, 2016, 85 minutes) – Lina Rodríguez
Todo lo demás (Mexico-USA, 2016, 98 minutes) – Natalia Almada
Memory Exercises (Paraguay-Argentina-France-Germany-Qatar, 2016, 70 minutes) – Paz Encina
One Last Afternoon (Peru, 2016, 81 minutes) – Joel Calero
The Moderns (Uruguay, 2016, 138 minutes) – Mauro Sarser and Marcela Matta

Argentine Competition

Amateur (97 minutes) – Sebastian Perillo
El aprendiz (80 minutes) – Tomas De Leone
The Silence (105 minutes) – Arturo Castro Godoy
Escape From Patagonia (78 minutes) – Javier Zevallos and Francisco D’Eufemia
Sleeping Tiger (63 minutes) – Maximiliano Schonfeld
A Decent Woman (Argentina-Austria-South Korea, 100 minutes) – Lukas Valenta Rinner
The Winners (78 minutes) – Nestor Frenkel
Balloons (65 minutes) – Mariano González
Don't Forget About Me (87 minutes) – Fernanda Ramondo
You Don't Know Who You're Talking to (95 minutes) – Demian Rugna
Pinamar (83 minutes) – Federico Godfrid
Terror 5 (77 minutes) – Sebastian Rotstein and Federico Rotstein