Marblemedia bringing 'Splatalot' to kids TV

2011 game show set for Canadian, British, Aussie markets

BANFF, Alberta -- Canadian indie producer Marblemedia is bringing Endemol's "Wipeout" model to kids TV.

The Toronto-based cross-platform producer has signed a deal with Canadian broadcaster YTV, the BBC in the U.K. and ABC Australia to produce 26 episodes of "Splatalot" as a medieval-themed thrills and spills game show for 8 to 12-year-olds.

As with Endemol's "Wipeout" franchise and its iconic set in Argentina, all three broadcasters will use a new over-sized obstacle course set now being built north of Toronto.

Production is set to start in August, ahead of a spring 2011 delivery for the Canadian, British and Australian TV markets.

The Canadian producer will tailor three versions of the series for YTV, BBC and ABC Australia, with two hosts and, in all, 300 contestants selected from Canada, the U.K. and Australia to compete for the coveted Prince or Princess of Splatalot crown.

Marblemedia plans an extensive online TV extension, including flash games. International distribution of Splatalot will be handled by Distribution360.