Marc Anthony to Donald Trump: "Everything That Comes Out of Your Mouth Isn't Worth 2 Cents"

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"Latinos, it’s time to show who we are!!!!” Anthony tweeted.

Marc Anthony has joined Ricky Martin and Wisin in condemning Donald Trump and his rhetoric.

“What does it matter how much money you have when everything that comes out of your mouth isn’t worth 2 cents,” tweeted Anthony.

“Latinos, it’s time to show who we are!!!!” he added in Spanish.

Earlier this week, following Jorge Ramos being booted out of a Trump press conference (he later got time to interview Trump), Martin wrote an “open letter” to Trump, calling him out for his “gratuitous” harassment of Latinos.

Fellow Puerto Rican Wisin soon followed suit, saying: “Someone who disrespects one of us, disrespects all of us.”

Anthony, who is on tour, didn’t go as far as penning an open letter, but his tweet was as forceful as it was uncharacteristic for someone who rarely gets into politics.

Regardless of the growing vocal discontent expressed by Latin artists in regards to Trump, the fact remains that the candidate’s popularity continues to soar. According to a Quinnipiac University poll released today, Trump led the GOP presidential hopeful field, with 28 percent support from registered Republican voters. His closest competition was Ben Carson, with 12 percent. That’s a rise from a month ago, when Trump had 20 percent support.

Meantime, Jeb Bush, who is fluent in Spanish and whose marriage to Mexican-born Columba Bush strengthens his ties to the Latin community, has only 7 percent support, tying Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

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