Marc Jacobs Makes an Awkward PSA (Video)

PSA: Robert Duffy wants shoppers to take snapshots in the #worldofmarc photo truck.

Marc Jacobs president Robert Duffy promotes a traveling photo booth. Weirdness Ensues.

Things just got weird at Marc Jacobs. And not in the usual, standard "Marc Jacobs weird" way. In a public service announcement posted on YouTube Wednesday, Marc Jacobs president Robert Duffy tells viewers the #worldofmarc photo truck is coming to New York City's Bleecker Street.

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While the clip opens with Duffy speaking to the camera, it then moves to a guy talking into a mic doing some sort of voiceover for him. The hesitating narration and awkward presentation makes it quite difficult to watch.

The photo truck -- a traveling photo booth -- will be set up every Saturday and Sunday through Dec. 22. And before you take the snapshot, don't forget to wear a Marc Jacobs monogram hat because Duffy wants you to do so: "We've heard your concerns, we're trying to satisfy you. We love our customers and you have to understand that we have an equal amount of customers that requested that we do our monogram hat windows this holiday season. So we're trying to satisfy you both so please, buy a monogram hat and take it to the photobooth truck and have your photo taken."

Watch the strange announcement below.