Marc Jacobs Makes Makes His Big Screen Debut in This Weekend's 'Disconnect' (Video)

The famed New York fashion designer of his eponymous collection, Louis Vuitton and Marc by Marc flexes his creative muscles in his acting debut

Marc Jacobs already has a big reach — designing his eponymous collection, his diffusion Marc by Marc line, plus helming the creative direction of  Louis Vuitton. And the time is finally here for his big screen debut, and his reach to expand even further. Come Friday, April 12, Jacobs will take his turn as a hustler of male prostitutes in the new thriller, Disconnect. It stars Jason Bateman, Paula Patton and Alexander Skarsgard, and you can see in this newly released trailer, Jacobs is playing tough, street smart and kind of sleazy. It will interesting to see if Jacobs takes anymore acting jobs after this one (as we reported in March, he wasn't into the film's costumes and, as a result, will possibly never act again). 


See Jacobs as a slime ball, above.